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  • Culture sous châssis ; Domaine aride ; Forêt de protection ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Plante cultivée ; Srednjaja Azija ; Sylviculture ; Technique agricole ; URSS d'Asie
  • Technology of cultivation of Haloxylon persicum and H. aphyllum with open and closed root system in winter in glass-covered ground is considered. Parameters of influence of temperature and organo-mineral fertilizers on optimization of seedlings
  • development is ascentained. The grown planting stock is approved by quality in plantings on silvicultured area. It's taking root turned out the same as in seedlings of 1-2 classes, grown on usual technology. The AA. give the recommendations to production
  • on cultivation of seedlings of sand binders in winter in glass-covered ground. - (L'A.).
  • Krajinné typy vlahového zasobovania pol'nohospodarskych plodin podzemnou vodou v zaujmovom uzemi vodného diela Gabcikovo Types de paysage de l'alimentation en eau des plantes cultivées par les eaux souterraines dans l'aire d'influence de l'ouvrage
  • Agropédologie ; Aménagement hydraulique ; Cycle de l'eau ; Danube plaine ; Eau souterraine ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Géosystème ; Humidité du sol ; Plante cultivée ; Slovensko ; Taxonomie ; Tchécoslovaquie ; Unité de paysage
  • On the basis of criteria involving mean altitude of groundwater level during a vegetation period, position of the contact between gravel and non gravel sediments of the superficial cover, 7 principal taxons and 20 subtaxons of landscape were
  • identified. They influenced supply of agricultural plants with groundwater in this most productive Slovak agricultural region. - (MS)
  • Temperature regime types are correlating with the temperature of air, geomorphology of relief, plant cover and soil type. The characterization of temperature soil regime types is significant for ecological purposes. - (MS)
  • Domaine aride ; Eau douce ; Eau souterraine ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Kazahskaja SSR ; Nappe aquifère ; Plante indicatrice ; URSS d'Asie ; Végétation
  • that absence of halophytes and pelitophytes in vegetative cover combined with maximum thickness of the aeration zone is a reliable visual criterion of fresh ground water of Taisoigan. - (L'Ed.).
  • with a simple structure of the soil cover (elementary pedochorographic features) are distinguished, which are characterised in a complex way according to natural-regional features (land form societies, relief, type of consistent arrangement of soils). Location
  • is with evaluation for central planning of plant production and amelioration and the preparation of amelioration work.
  • Cover sand and cover sand stratigraphy in Southern Denmark
  • Eolian cover sands in Central-West Poland
  • Eolian cover sands have been investigated in Poland rather seldom, and in some elaborations they have been misinterpreted. Investigations that have been carried out recently in Central-West Poland allowed to determine stratigraphy of eolian cover
  • for in grain-size of the bottom sediments. It has been also found that eolian cover sands of West and Central Europe are differentiated in respect of grain-size. (L'A.).
  • Rocny chod priemernej vysky snehovej pokryvky na Slovenku. (The yearly course of the mean snow cover depth in Slovakia)
  • The results of the mean snow cover depth and the probabilities of this occurrence are derived from long term measurements, 1921/22-1970/71, in more than 100 localities of Slovakia. With increasing elevation the yearly course becomes regular. (MS).
  • Periodicita najdlhsich obdobi trvalej snehovej pokryvky na Slovensku. (Periodicity of the longest periods of parament snow cover in Slovakia)
  • In geographical conditions of the Slovak territory the winters are unstable. For the study of the period with permanent snow cover duration the measurements of 80 snow meter stations in the years 1921 to 1970 have been used. The differences in snow
  • cover duration with the same periodicity have been recorded between East and West Slovakia and between mountains and lowlands.
  • Verveningsporen in de restanten van het westfriese veendek. (Peat-digging marks in the remnants of the West Frisian peat cover)
  • West Frisian, the Netherlands was formerly covered with an extensive peatmoor. It has almost completely disappeared due to oxydation caused by drainage and, to a lesser extent, to peat-digging. Only in a small area, a thin layer of weathered peat
  • can be found which is covered with a humous clay-layer. (AIS).
  • Priemerné trvanie rôznych vysok snehovej pokryvky na Slovensku. (Average duration of various snow cover heights)
  • Analysis of snow cover duration from more than 200 precipitation stations of Slovakia for winter periods 1921/22-1970/71. The average number of days with snow cover in dependence on height above sea level and on land forms is used
  • De dikte van het loessdek ten S. W. ven Leuven. (Thickness of the loss cover southwest of Louvain)
  • Hustota souvislé snehové pokryvky v povodi Moravy a Odry na uzemi CSR The density of continuous snow cover in the basins of the rivers Morava and Oder in the territory of Csr
  • The study deals with the problems of density of the continuous snow cover in the deceny 1960/61-1969/70. As the basis of the extensive observations were used the results from 52stations situated in the basins of the Rivers Morava and Odra (Oder
  • Reliktné fenomény v pôdnom pokryve Slovenska a prispevok k ich interpretacii. (Relict phenomena in the soil cover of Slovakia, and a contribution to their interpretation)
  • The phenomena of rubefaction, periglacial processes and paleohydromorphism have been ascertained in the soil cover, occurring in the form of both buried horizons and those coming to light. The occurrence and connections show a generally older age
  • Messungen des Gehalts an stabilen Isotopen in einer temperierten randalpinen Schneedecke Measurements of the content of stabil isotopes in a temperated cover on border areas of the Alpes
  • During the ablation period of 1974, the content of deuterium and oxygen-18 in snow was measured, sampled at the layers of an open area lysimeter snow cover at 1030 m a.s.l. Changes in isotope concentrations are subject to the influence of melt
  • -and rainwater percolation through the snow cover, but also to evaporation and condensation processes. Abrupt, short-termed alterations of isotopic contents are discussed as well as the isotopic balance and deuterium-oxygen-18 relations. (HSC).
  • A description of 2 map sheets covering an area in the north eastern part of the Netherlands. The area is mainly covered by boulder clay of Saalian age. Most of the boulder clay is covered by cover sands, a smaller part by peat. The Tertiary geology
  • Many relic soils have been stated in the soil cover of West Carpathians. Their occurrence is regularly geographically arranged, but conditioned by other than recent climatic influences. Intrazonal structure of the soil cover is characterized by soil
  • Evaluation of algorithms for mapping snow cover parameters in the Federal Republic of Germany using passive microwave data
  • Soil moisture investigations on the loess-covered slopes of the Tokaj area in Loess and the Quaternary: Chinese and Hungarian case studies.
  • A map of the soils in the scale 1: 500 000 illustrates the knowledge of the soil cover. It provides information on parent materials, combinations of primary soil forms and on regional structural units of the soil cover. The geography of soils in CSR