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  • Zur Struktur und Genese der Bodendecke in den Great Plains der USA. Ein Uberblick. (Structure and genesis of the soil cover in the Great Plains of the USA. An overview)
  • Gravity tectonic removal of cover of Blue Ridge anticlinorium to form valley and Ridge province
  • A rural farming heartland functions within the Chicago sphere of influence. Volume covers historical-geographical evolution, population, land and water, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and metropolitan Chicago. - (D. W. Gade).
  • The geographical position and the history of the largest city in the Caribbean area is outlined. The description also covers towns in the Havana agglomeration, infrastructural level and functional zones of the city. (DLO).
  • Sedimentological consequences of Winter ice cover on a tidal flat environment, Great Bay, New Hampshire
  • Glaciological problems set by the control of dangerous lakes in Cordillera Blanca, Peru. II. Movement of a covered glacier embedded within a rock glacier
  • Landforms under a tropical wet forest cover on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
  • by establishing the extent of overdeepening of the bedrock surface and the substantial thickness of the overlying sediment cover. The AA. also integrate subsurface seismic data with the existing regional outcrop data base and discuss their implications for process
  • throughout the valley. Glacier cover was reduced to about half that of the last glacial maximum by at least 9 700 yr B.P. and to less than a tenth by at least 6 450 yr B.P. No unambiguous Younger Dryas moraines are present.
  • in the calcite of the samples suggest that the cave was dewatered for more than 200000 years. This very old cave which seems to have survived more than one glacial period also contains a noticeable variety and quantity of bones, some of which covered with calcite
  • True marine cliffs are extremely rare or almost absent in the humid tropics, where they have been said to be replaced by coastal slopes covered by vegetation, subject to occasional landslides by essentially similar to inland slopes. On the Paraiba
  • , land in bunch grass cover, rather than turned into agricultural fields, can be used by the alpaca. In 1985, alpaca breeding stock was introduced to Ecuador from Chile| trials with these animals since then have shown that this form of livestock can
  • During the last glaciation the Cordilleran Ice Sheet covered the upper course of the Columbia River and part of the Columbia Plateau. A large ice-dammed lake called Glacial Lake Missoula was formed in Montana, when an ice lobe plugged a valley
  • -dominated cover was invaded by sage, willow, grass, and poplar by 11,700 yr BP, suggesting that a habitable landscape has existed in the area for at least 12 millennia.
  • Eleven well-defined stratigraphic units covering 16,000 to 19,000 years represent the longest occupational sequence in the western Hemisphere. The site served as a locus for hunting, collecting and food-processing activities. Dates from the earliest
  • The Savanna Terrace, composed of alternating red and gray clayey sediments of late Wisconsinan age, is the highest glaciofluvial-lacustrine deposit without a loess cover in the upper Mississippi valley. Chemical, physical, and mineralogical data
  • glaciers is no more than a century old. The outer moraine, the Brisingamen, 0.3 to 0.7 km beyond existing glaciers, is weathered and is covered with large lichens. On and behind the Brisingamen moraine the Mazama ash (6900 yr old) is present. Despite more