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  • Effects of land use and land cover on sheet and rill erosion rates in the Tigray highlands, Ethiopia
  • Arid area ; Erosion rate ; Ethiopia ; Experiment plot ; Land use ; Mountain ; Plant cover ; Rill wash ; Runoff ; Semi-arid area ; Soil erosion
  • of various land uses and covers, and to examine the application of the (Revised) Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) to the Ethiopian highlands.
  • Runoff generation in a degraded Andean ecosystem : interaction of vegetation cover and land use
  • Andes ; Degradation ; Ecosystem ; Ecuador ; Land use ; Mountain ; Plant cover ; Rainfall simulation ; Runoff
  • Africa ; Arid area ; Duricrust ; Ecosystem ; Landscape ; Niger ; Plant cover ; Semi-arid area ; Soil erosion ; Soil properties ; Soil water ; Spatial analysis ; Vegetation ; World ; Zoning
  • Ardenne ; Belgium ; Digital elevation model ; Human impact ; Landslide ; Mass movement ; Photogrammetry ; Plant canopy ; Precipitation ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Spatial distribution
  • rainfall, their spatial and temporal distribution is strongly related with the nature of the vegetation cover and the human activity.
  • Arid area ; Ecosystem ; Ethiopia ; Gully erosion ; Plant canopy ; Rill wash ; Semi-arid area ; Soil conservation ; Soil erosion ; Water erosion
  • by approximately 68%, infiltration and spring discharge are enhanced and vegetation cover has improved. These impacts are evidenced and quantified by a comparison of the current landscape with a coverage of 30-year old photographs and substantiated by field
  • . The soils in both areas developed on the loess that covers Tertiary sandy deposits. Three stages of microbiotic crust development on cropland soils are distinguished. The results suggest that the possible magnitude of the microbiotic soil crust effect
  • is not negligible compared with the effect of vegetation ground cover. Microbiotic crusts thus help conserve soils.
  • Argillipedoturbation and the development of rock fragment covers on vertisols in the Ethiopian Highlands
  • of rock fragment cover along catenas, and the vertical variations in volumetric rock fragment content in soil profiles in the highlands of Tigray, northern Ethiopia. Natural and anthropogenic processes inducing these patterns are assessed.
  • in SSY is made using a quantitative and a semiqualitative approach for 22 catchments characterised by topography, vegetation cover, lithology, shape and the presence of gullies in the broad vicinity of the reservoir. This information is used to develop