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  • Cold area ; Comparative study ; Granite ; Lapland ; Limestone ; Plant canopy ; Soil properties ; Sweden ; Weathering
  • This paper reports the findings of a ten-year study of potential weathering of machine-polished dolomite, granite and limestone discs buried in shallow pits beneath a variety of vegetation cover types in Kärkevagge and on an adjoining ridge
  • Carbonate rock ; Cold area ; Erosion rate ; Field experiment ; Granite ; Heath ; Lapland ; Meadow ; Periglacial features ; Plant canopy ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Sweden ; Weathering
  • of the ongoing study is to determine near-surface potential weathering rates beneath birch forest, Dryas heath, heath, meadow, solifluction meadow, and willow vegetation cover types. Selected disks were excavated after 1 year, and all disks were excavated after 4
  • This paper addresses 3 matched microenvironments, namely cobbles that are exposed but whose surfaces vary between lichen covered and lichen free, and cobbles that are buried in the soil at about 40 cm. This suite of microenvironments is examined
  • In 1994, nylon mesh bags containing 6.2 mm diameter fragments of either freshly crushed dolomite or granite were placed on meadow, solifluction meadow, birch, heath and alpine tundra vegetation that cover surfaces within Kärkevagge, a glaciated