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  • Soil pipes and their role in runoff generation and chemical denudation in a humid tropical catchment in Dominica
  • Numerous soil pipes are reported from a small catchment in an area of kandoid (kaolin-rich) soils and 2375 mm annual rainfall in the humid tropical volcanic island of Dominica West Indies, contributing at least 14-16 % of streamflow. The principal
  • Since the late 1970s, an irrigation technology called linear move has been introduced into California's valleys and then elsewhere. In spite of their high cost, these wheeled machines of interconnected pipes are adopted because they require little
  • The effect of piped water on early childhood mortality in urban Brazil, 1970 to 1976
  • ; Economie de l'eau ; Endiguement ; Etats-Unis ; Gestion de l'eau ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Irrigation ; Organisation ; Pipe-line ; Qualité de l'eau ; Ressources en eau ; Réglementation ; Stockage de l'eau