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  • Laboratory soil piping and internal erosion experiments : evaluation of a soil piping model for low-compacted soils
  • Experimentation ; Model ; Piping ; Seepage ; Soil ; Soil erosion ; Soil moisture ; Soil properties ; Underground water ; Water erosion
  • This study utilized a soil box to conduct constant-head, soil pipe and internal erosion experiments for 2 low-compacted soils (clay loam from Dry Creek and sandy loam from Cow Creek streambanks). Flow rates and sediment concentrations were measured
  • from the pipe outlet. Replicate submerged jet erosion tests (JETs) were conducted to derive erodibility parameters for repacked samples at the same moisture contents. Flow rates from the box experiments were used to calibrate the mechanistic model
  • . The influence of the initial moisture content was apparent, with some pipes (8% moisture content) expanding so fast that limited data was collected. The mechanistic model was able to estimate equivalent flow rates to those observed in the experiments, but had
  • difficulty matching observed sediment concentrations when the pipes rapidly expanded. The JETs predicted similar erodibility coefficients compared to the mechanistic model for the more erodible cases but not for the less erodible cases (14% moisture content
  • 2014
  • Cours d'eau ; Environnement ; Etude d'impact ; Gestion de l'environnement ; Nigéria ; Pipe-line ; Projet ; Prospection pétrolière ; Pétrole ; Vandalisme
  • Environment ; Environmental management ; Impact study ; Nigeria ; Oil ; Oil exploration ; Pipe-line ; Project ; Stream
  • Les données sur le franchissement des cours d'eau par les pipe-lines montrent sans surprise que la majorité de tels emplacements se situe dans le Nigéria méridional. Ceci devrait guider les développements futurs de l'extraction pétrolière
  • 2014
  • This work focuses on the temporal variability of bedload transport in an alpine catchment (Saldur basin, Italian Alps) where bedload transport was monitored by means of an acoustic pipe sensor which detects the acoustic vibrations induced
  • by particles hitting a 0.5m-long steel pipe. Runoff dynamics are dominated by snowmelt in late spring/early summer, mostly by glacier melt in late summer/early autumn, and by a combination of the snow and glacier melt in mid-summer. The results indicate
  • 2014
  • Paying for pipes, claiming citizenship : political agency and water reforms at the urban periphery
  • 2014
  • and fostering openmindedness as a means to prevent lock-in and develop innovation-enhancing global pipe-lines.
  • 2014
  • A paleomagnetic study has been carried out on a waterlaid detrital sedimentary sequence within the Seso Cave System (West-Central Pyrenees). The detrital sedimentary sequence is made of autochthonous (piping detached material from the Eocene marls
  • 2014