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  • Rockglacier activity studies on a regional scale : comparison of geomorphological mapping and photogrammetric monitoring
  • This paper compares 2 independent rockglacier activity studies based on different regional-scale methods within the same area (Turtmann Valley, Swiss Alps). The comparison of geomorphological mapping and photogrammetric monitoring demonstrated
  • by data from photogrammetric monitoring. Therefore, at best the 2 methods are combined when analysing former and present permafrost distribution.
  • Terrestrial photogrammetric techniques applied to the control of a parabolic dune in the Liencres dune system, Cantabria (Spain)
  • This work analyses the viability of photogrammetry for the determination of the spatial-temporal changes of a coastal parabolic dune. Two factors have been analysed : first, the comparison of the photogrammetric results with the results obtained
  • Mountain permafrost dynamics within a recently exposed glacier forefield inferred by a combined geomorphological, geophysical and photogrammetrical approach
  • Geomorphological observations, geoelectrical soundings and photogrammetric measurements of surface movement on the Muragl glacier forefield in Upper Engadine were used to obtain an integrative analysis of a highly complex glacial and periglacial
  • Volume estimation of the 1998 flank collapse at Casita volcano, Nicaragua : a comparison of photogrammetric and conventional techniques
  • (DEMs) were created, based on photogrammetric, cartometric and surveying data. The best estimate for the failure volume is based on a vegetation-corrected pre-failure DEM, generated using automated digital photogrammetry, and a post-failure surface based
  • Authors describe and discuss the accuracy of a simple photogrammetric system designed to monitor trail degradation by generating digital terrain models (DTMs) of sample plots
  • camera from 2.4 m above the ground. A portable stereo camera platform provided photogrammetric parameters to determine elevation data from the photographs, without use of ground control. DTMS allowed very accurate estimates of simulated trail erosion
  • Photogrammetrical studies of volume changes of glaciers are a helpful complementary tool to field studies of mass balance. Map data give an indication as to what has happened and field data provide possibilities to interpret why it happened
  • . Photogrammetric studies are thus well suited for monitoring programmes , especially in remote areas such as in the Arctic.
  • Zastosowanie fotogrametrycznych zdjec naziemnych w badaniach hydrograficznych obszarow wspotczesnie zlodowaconych na przykladzie Islandii in Fotointerpretacja w badaniach polarnych. (Application of photogrammetric ground pictures in hydrographic
  • Photogrammetric analysis of Front Range rock glacier flow rates
  • Air-photographs became the important basic material of largescale maps and with its photogrammetric interpretation we save both significant financial means and much time. (CK).
  • Morphometric analyses of Antarctic cirques from photogrammetric measurements
  • dunes and turns them into linear braided and seif dunes. This process was analyzed by aerial photography and computer-aided photogrammetric mapping.
  • Photogrammetric monitoring of small streams under a riparian forest canopy
  • This paper presents a technique for the capture and analysis of close-range photogrammetric data acquired from a vertically mounted non-metric camera suspended 10 m above the channel bed by a unipod. The camera is positioned under the riparian
  • such as cameras equipped with forward motion compensation, are analysed in the light of recent published material. An analysis is presented of the manner in which random errors in photogrammetric observations can be propagated through a block of aerial photographs
  • The principles and limitations of the archival photogrammetric technique are described. The method is applied to oblique and vertical aerial photographs of Black Ven mudslide complex in Dorset at 5 epochs, commencing in 1946, continuing
  • on the use of a multi-model photogrammetric method, has been the basis for a GIS database and a topographical map (1:50,000), covering the investigation area. Both glacial and periglacial landforms have been maped and a preliminary Late Weichselian glacial
  • as photogrammetric measurements of rock-wall retreat, sedimentation behind dams and at river mouths. - (IKR)
  • Over recent decades several modern geoinformatic methods have emerged, including global positioning system (GPS), interferometric radar, and airborne laser scanner (ALS) or lidar. In conjunction with the conventional survey and photogrammetric
  • by photogrametrically comparing 1951 and 1994 vertical air photographs, and the lithofacies of the delta plain were constructed from shallow hand-auger holes and deep boreholes.
  • This report describes a method of using photogrammetric results and compares the estimated mass balances with the independently measured true values. In this report, altitudes are measured from the National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929, and mass
  • This paper is a combined study on the medium and short-term evolution of the littoral between Chipiona and Rota (SW Spain). The analysis of coastal evolution over a period of 24 years was carried out using 6, well temporally spaced, photogrammetric