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  • Beyond pragmatism : the value of philosophical discourse for physical geography
  • A philosophical dichotomy in migration research
  • Philosophical direction in behavioral geography with an emphasis on the phenomenological contribution in Environmental perception and behavior: An inventory and prospect.
  • The A. identifies four radical sorts of construction-as-philosophal-critique that use the construction metaphor to question the culture/nature, subject/object and representation/reality dualisms that provide the conventional philosophical foundation
  • for distinguishing true conceptions of nature from false ones. There are two major points of theoretical contention : first, the epistemological significance of understanding concepts of nature as constructed ; second, the philosophical and political implications
  • La géographie d'un voyageur et philosophe : Hermann Kerserling
  • Philosophy doesn’t travel, observed in the XVIII century Jean-Jacques Rousseau and George Foster (a traveler). In fact, not many philosophers have left us a diary of travel, except the Reisetagebuch by Hermann Keyserling, geographer of spirit. - (NF)
  • Philosophical bases of the critique of urban modelling: a reply to Wilson
  • Geography and general system theory, philosophical homologies and current practice in Links between the natural and Social Sciences.
  • This paper examines the philosophical, theoretical and practical problems involved in bridging the gap between studies of geomorphological processes and explanations of landscape development. It argues that process geomorphology is essentially
  • reductionist and discusses the practical and logical limitations of such an approach to science. It suggests that landscapes are emergent phenomena and, by drawing from the philosophical and practical lessons derived from the physics of non-linear systems
  • Putting space in place : philosophical topography and relational geography
  • Philosophical aspects of 500-year planning
  • Zum Charakter des Wissenschaftstyps Geographie aus philosophischer Sicht. (A philosophical view on the scientific nature of geography)
  • Philosophizing on the region
  • Leo Frobenius (1873-1938). Leistungen und Irrwege eines bürgerlichen Afrikaforschers und spätkapitalistischen Kulturphilosophen. (Leo Frobenius (1873-1938). Travaux et erreurs d'un explorateur de l'Afrique bourgeois et philosophe dans la dernière
  • Rohstoffe ein Weltproblem? Weltanschaulich-philosophische Aspekte der Gewinnung und Nutzung von Naturressourcen. (Raw materials-a worldwide problem? Ideological-philosophical aspects of the utilization of natural resources)
  • Carl O. Sauer, philosopher in spite of himself
  • Philosophical concerns about restoring landscapes often revolve around two, connected, issues. First is the idea that a restored lanscape, even if it is a perfect replica, has lost some of its value. The second problem highlighted in philosophical
  • These models are suggested as a means for bridging the methodological and philosophical gap between models of discretionary and constrained spatial behavior. The focus is on psychologically justifiable rather than normative decision models.
  • by Rhoads and Bassett is worthy of continuation. Most geomorphologists still have little interest in deeper philosophical and theoretical issues.
  • L'ouvrage est un ensemble de contributions de divers spécialistes (philosophes, géographe, sociologue, architecte, littéraire, psychologue) qui s'y interrogent sur le concept d'espace, son contenu à travers chacune de leur discipline. - (AGT)