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  • Social and economic change in modern Peru
  • The State and economic development: Peru since 1968
  • Volcanes del Peru
  • Exploration of Eastern Peru by the Junta de vias fluviales
  • Agrarian reform and rural poverty. A case study of Peru.
  • Pollen dispersal and deposition on the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru
  • Andes ; Biogeography ; High mountain ; Ice core ; Ice sheet ; Palynology ; Peru ; Tropical zone
  • This study attempts to utilize 15 surface snow samples, taken on the Quelccaya Ice Cap, southern Peru, in late August of 2000, to help answer some basic questions of pollen dispersal and deposition on tropical Andean ice caps.
  • Cocaine : white gold rush in Peru.
  • First-hand descriptions of coca cultivation and coca paste production in the Huallaga Valley and the political forces in Peru and abroad that surround the underground economy of cocaine. - (DWG)
  • Beekeeping regions, technical assistance, and development policy in Peru
  • Socio-economic factors, rather than ecological ones, account for the differences in beekeeping techniques and levels of development in Peru. - (DWG)
  • Cultural geography as a research agenda for Peru
  • Suggestions to aspiring Andeanists that conceptualize some research ideas relating to Peru from a geographer particularly inspired by the insights of Carl O. Sauer (1889-1975) on land and life in Latin America. - (DWG)
  • The ties that bind. Informal and formal sector linkages in steetvending: the case of Peru's ambulantes
  • Economic activity ; Economic sector ; Informal sector ; Itinerant trade ; Labour ; Marketing ; Peru ; Retail trade ; Societal relations ; Street
  • The nature of the various and diverse linkages that bind informal traders in Peru to the institutional, economic, and social contexts in which they work and live is examined. It is argued that informality in Peru must be conceptualizeed
  • Struktur- und Entwicklungsprobleme der Industrie Perus. (Les problèmes de développement et de structures de l'industrie péruvienne)
  • Contents: Gernet (J.): Factors of industrial location in a developing country, the case of Peru| Mikus (W.): Transnational influences on mining and industry in Peru, compared to the other Andean Pact countries| Asmus (T.): Small industries
  • and handicrafts in Peru| Rodriguez Vasquez (R): Determining factors of small industries' development in the city of Trujillo 1981-82 (original in Spanish). - (EG)
  • “Protecting” street children? Urban revitalization and regulation in Lima, Peru
  • Children ; Legislation ; Lima ; Peru ; Public policy ; Public space ; Social geography ; Street ; Urban policy ; Urban renewal
  • Calle ; Espacio público ; Geografía social ; Legislación ; Niños ; Perú ; Política pública ; Política urbana ; Renovación urbana
  • This article develops a critical analysis of the relationship between urban “revitalization” campaigns and the regulation of street children in Lima, Peru. It first shows show how a language of children’s rights has been manipulated to justify
  • the removal of street children from public space, as is most evident through Peru’s Law to Protect Minors from Situations of Begging. In the second part of this article, it examines the uneven implementation of policy: street children themselves resist
  • Observations regarding the movement of barchan sand dunes in the Nazca to Tanaca area of southern Peru
  • Aeolian features ; Aerial photography ; Barchan ; Coastal dune ; Coastal environment ; Peru ; Photointerpretation ; Sand ; Wind
  • Land resource management and forest conservation in central Amazonian Peru : regional, community, and farm-level approaches among native peoples
  • Agroforestry ; Amazon Basin ; Environmental conservation ; Forest ; Land ; Peru ; Resource management
  • Migration and development of an industrial district: footwear manufacturing in El Porvenir, Trujillo, Peru
  • Enterprise ; Immigration ; Industrial district ; Industrialization ; Peru ; Small firm
  • Dooryard gardens in Moyobamba, Peru
  • Many dwellings in this town of 25,000 people in the selva alta of north-central Peru have large house gardens where plants are grown for local subsistance needs. The A. describes the diversity of plants, the social and economic meaning
  • El Perú visto por viajeros y cronistas
  • Exploration ; History of geography ; Journey ; Nineteenth Century ; Peru ; Traveller's tale
  • El espacio geografico y el profesional en el Perú
  • Epistemology ; Geography ; Peru ; Practice of geography ; Space ; Space time
  • Das Ökosystem der Mangrove Ecuadors und Perus unter besonderer Berücksichtigung anthropogener Einflüsse
  • Agricultural land use ; Ecosystem ; Ecuador ; Human impact ; Mangrove ; Peru ; Vegetation