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  • On the importance of forest assets for micro-firm performance
  • Actifs forestiers ; Entrepreneur ; Entreprise ; Forêt ; Micro-entreprise ; Patrimoine ; Performance économique ; Revenus forestiers ; Suède
  • This research set out to explore the importance of the value of forest holdings owned by entrepre¬neurs for the economic performance of micro-firms, with a hypothesis that assets stemming from forest ownership benefit firms and provide them
  • with financial stability and resilience to economic fluctuations. It shows that forest assets positively and significantly influence firm performance in terms of earnings before interest and taxes, but not in terms of value added. As regards regional variations
  • , firms located outside the metropolitan regions – as compared to those at the top of the urban hierarchy – are likely to perform better, thus indicating that local development may benefit from resource transfers from the forest sector to micro-firms
  • 2013