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  • O verojatnostnoj ocenke polnoty izobrazenija na geograficeskih kartah (La perfection de la représentation cartographique : estimation de sa probabilité)
  • Stabilité et perfection d'un système agricole: la châtellenie de Furnes
  • The most perfect example of an alien ecology ever constructed
  • Relaxing assumptions of perfect information in park visitation models
  • « A perfect system of control »? State power and « native locations » in South Africa
  • Kiribati : an environmental perfect storm
  • Perfect hostage - Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma and the Generals
  • Corruption, automobility cultures, and road traffic deaths : the perfect storm in rapidly motorizing countries?
  • . Utopie et nature sont du même ordre dans les représentations : une perfection de la fin comme relais de la perfection de l'origine.
  • The articles provide a critical reading of Francis Fukuyama's « The end of history » thesis, focusing on its Hegelian methodology and questioning its conception of democratic perfection in order to undermine/deconstruct its geopolitical conclusions.
  • In the literature, the beneficial result of immigration to the host country relies on the assumption of perfect competition in the goods market. However, for an economy characterized by imperfect competition, immigration of unskilled workers can
  • to be resolved in the assessment are the comparability of Chinese urban statistical data, a convenient way to calculate the basic/ non-basic, and perfection of the intensity index of urban functions introduced in this study.
  • The French geographers involved in seaside tourism deal with touristic areas. They rely upon statistical methods which are now perfected. They analyse the process of the utilization of space by tourism and regional development. They tend to see
  • The theoretical basis is a complete Arrow-Debreu equilibrium under perfect competition. The specification restricts the number of parameters in a way allowing for a model calibration relying on a limited data base. No data generating first stage
  • through the idea of future perfect experience. He suggests the spatialization of time through the juxtaposition of tourist spaces through pictorial technologies.
  • and the farm demanding labor as an imput is deducted. However, the demand for labor by the farm is competing with labor demand for production of non-agricultural products. Perfect factor markets are analysed as well as imperfect markets with their implications
  • The authors summarise a special cartographic method which is perfected by Erwin Raisz, the world-famous Hungarian-born American cartographer. The trachographic method is similar to his first attempt the physiographic map, but simpler: only
  • Philosophical concerns about restoring landscapes often revolve around two, connected, issues. First is the idea that a restored lanscape, even if it is a perfect replica, has lost some of its value. The second problem highlighted in philosophical
  • , although each point of space is heterogeneous with any other point (because of the different location): the existence is allowed by the perfect partibility of space.
  • in the further perfectioning of social relations in agriculture and of the economic mechanism governing in agricultural-industrial complex.