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  • Pedestrian skywalks : the esthetic impact on downtown
  • Skywalks (or skyways) are networks of elevated connected walkways that are increasingly popular in North American cities as a way of separating pedestrian and vehicular traffic. - (DWG)
  • Pedestrian- and bicycle-induced path erosion on a university campus
  • Applied ecology ; Geomorphometry ; North Carolina ; Pedestrians ; Soil erosion ; United States of America ; University campus ; Urban area ; Urban ecology
  • This study estimates, by morphometric measurements, the extent of soil volume loss as a result of pedestrian- and bicycle-path erosion on an American university campus, and discusses the possible consequences of this erosion.
  • Decision ; Index ; Methodology ; Multi-criteria analysis ; Pedestrian area ; Pedestrians ; Preference ; Urban planning ; Urban policy
  • To assist decision makers, an international study of some 30 pedestrian-oriented schemes is carried out which examines the impacts of these schemes upon selected attributes and the importance attached to these attributes by various individuals
  • Urban space and pedestrian movement. A study on the configurational hypothesis
  • Land use ; Pedestrians ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial behaviour ; Town plan ; Urban area ; Urban transport
  • Exploring patterns of movement suspension in pedestrian mobility
  • Mobility ; Pedestrians ; Space time ; Spatial analysis ; Spatial choice ; Statistics ; Urban area
  • Application of tracking technologies to the study of pedestrian spatial behavior
  • Behaviour ; Global Positioning System ; Location ; Pedestrians ; Research technique ; Route ; Spatial behaviour ; Urban area
  • Spatial variation in road pedestrian casualties : the role of urban scale, density and land-use
  • Model ; Pedestrians ; Road ; Road accident ; Road traffic ; Spatial variation ; Urban environment
  • Distance minimization in downtown pedestrian shopping
  • Simulating pedestrian movement in dynamic environments
  • Computing ; Flow ; Pedestrians ; Simulation ; Spatial interaction ; System dynamics
  • Integrating fire behavior and pedestrian mobility models to assess potential risk to humans from wildfires within the U.S.-Mexico border zone
  • Behaviour ; Fire ; Geographical information system ; Mexico ; Mobility ; Model ; Pedestrians ; Risk ; Trans-border area ; United States of America ; Wilderness
  • Negotiating streets for all in urban transport planning : the case for pedestrians, cyclists and street vendors in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Kenya ; Nairobi ; Pedestrians ; Street ; Urban economy ; Urban life ; Urban planning ; Urban transport
  • Spatiotemporal sequencing processes of pedestrians in urban retail environments
  • City centre entry points, store location patterns and pedestrian route choice behaviour : a microlevel simulation model
  • Estimation of pedestrian shopping trips in a neighborhood by using a spatial interaction model
  • Green space ; Pedestrian area ; Quality of life ; Road traffic ; Space ; Switzerland ; Urban area ; Urban development ; Urban traffic
  • in favour of pedestrian, recreational and green areas, and thus for the benefit of the quality of urban development. - (L'A.).
  • A model of pedestrian route choice and demand for retail facilities within inner-city shopping areas
  • Planning pedestrian flows around a subway station: a French case study of the time-distance decay functions
  • Shops, pedestrians and the CBD. A study of the feasibility of determining location strategies for multiple outlet firms.
  • ; pedestrian downtown streets; North American-style shopping centers. - (DWG)
  • In the 18th century, Tokyo was the world's largest city in population and maybe the biggest pedestrian city in the history of mankind. Nowadays it is the world's largest agglomeration of urban population within its geographically delineated