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  • Washburn AL (1956) : Classification of patterned ground and review of suggested origins. Geological Society of America Bulletin 67 (7) : 823–865.
  • Classification ; Concept ; Geomorphogenesis ; Impact ; Patterned ground ; Periglacial features
  • Czech Republic ; Geomorphology ; Lithology ; Mountain ; Patterned ground ; Spatial distribution ; Sudety ; Tree line
  • It is evident that morphology and location of the patterned ground of the High Sudetes are significantly dependent on lithological conditions. The occurence of sorted polygons is dependent particularly on quartzite ; earth hummocks prefer rocks
  • offering fine-grained/small-grained waste. Sorted polygone reach the largest horizontal sizes among all kinds of patterned ground, earth hummocks have the smallest horizontal sizes. Many temporary forms among all kinds of patterned ground exist in the High
  • Further examples of ventifacts and unusual patterned ground from the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic
  • Aeolian features ; Aeolian transport ; Clay ; Cold area ; Falkland Islands ; Island ; Patterned ground ; Peat ; Sediment filling ; South Atlantic Ocean
  • Examples of ventifacts and forms of unusual patterned ground that differ in situation, characteristics and/or origin to types reported previously are described from the Falkland Islands : stone polygons on clay loam regolith, stone polygons on peat
  • Ice-wedge casts and relict patterned ground in central Illinois and their environmental significance
  • Classification of patterned ground based on morphometry and site characteristics : a case study from the High Sudetes, Central Europe
  • Aeolian deflation ; Classification ; Cold area ; Czech Republic ; Discriminant analysis ; Geomorphometry ; Model ; Mountain ; Patterned ground ; Periglacial features ; Regolith ; Spatial analysis ; Sudety
  • About 750 examples of patterned ground forms at 25 sites in the High Sudetes mountains (Czech Republic) were classified using morphometric characteristics and environmental parameters. Simple parameters such as length, width and height of patterned
  • ground were measured in the field, with additional variables of elevation, intensity of deflation and regolith grain size. The surface morphometry of patterned ground, comprising relict sorted polygons and sorted nets and active earth hummocks
  • Patterned microrelief in grasslands in cold upland valleys in Papua New Guinea
  • Drainage ; Earth surface processes ; Freeze-thaw cycle ; Ground frost;Ground freezing ; Microrelief ; Mountain ; Papua New Guinea ; Patterned ground ; Periglacial features ; Solifluction
  • Circular to elongated depressions forming a regular pattern of microrelief have been investigated on gently sloping, poorly drained grasslands in upland valleys in montane Papua New Guinea. The patterned microrelief is the result of a complex
  • Sorted patterned ground in the English Lake District
  • England ; Freezing ; Frost action ; Grain size distribution ; Ground ice ; Local climate ; Northern England ; Patterned ground ; Slide rocks ; Slope gradient ; Soil ; United Kingdom
  • The distribution of soluble cations within chenopod-patterned ground, arid western New South Wales, Australia
  • The significance of soil, water and landscape processes in banded vegetation patterning
  • of a chenopod-patterned ground system will be discussed.
  • Active patterned ground and cryoturbation on Muckish Mountain, Co. Donegal, Ireland
  • Climatic variation ; Cryoturbation ; Ireland ; Little ice age ; Mountain ; Patterned ground ; Periglacial features ; Soil wedge polygon ; Weathering
  • Mountain-top detritus and patterned ground in the Gaspésie Mountains, Québec, Canada
  • Blockfield ; Canada ; Freezing ; Gaspé ; Ice wedge ; Mountain ; Patterned ground ; Permafrost ; Quaternary ; Quebec ; Weathering
  • Recent patterned grounds development on a glacier surface (Dovrefjell, Central Norway) : an ephemeral periglacial activity in a paraglacial context
  • Central Norway ; Earth surface processes ; Glacier ; Glacier retreat ; Norway ; Paraglacial ; Patterned ground ; Periglacial features
  • Inheritated geomorphological features ; Mountain ; Palaeogeography ; Patterned ground ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Plain ; Poland ; Present time ; Spatial distribution ; Upper Pleistocene
  • This article presents the regional distribution of patterned ground in Poland, as this involves lowland terrain glaciated by the Scandinavian ice-sheet and mountains. The patterned ground occurring away from mountains is in the form of fossil large
  • A ground-water sapping landscape in the Florida Panhandle
  • Drainage networks that have formed by ground-water sapping are developed in the highly permeable sands of the Citronelle Formation in the Florida Panhandle. The valleys resemble those formed on Hawaii, the Colorado Plateau and on Mars, but they have
  • developed without significant lithologic controls. Drainage patterns range from treillis to dendritic depending on the effect of beach ridges and relative relief. Extension of the networks appears to be episodic, as a result of fires, hurricanes, and human
  • Cold area ; Earth surface processes ; Gelifluction ; Human impact ; Mountain ; Patterned ground ; Periglacial features ; Poland ; Slope ; Tatra Mountains ; Tree line ; Vegetation
  • Geomorphic processes are most active above timberline (ca 1 500 m a.s.l.) involving downslope transfer of rock and sediment and periglacial processes of patterned ground, stone-banked terraces, gelifluction lobes and thufurs. - (DWG)
  • Arctic Region ; Cold area ; Gley ; Grain size distribution ; Microrelief ; Patterned ground ; Plant canopy ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Solifluction ; Spitsbergen ; Svalbard
  • The following patterning of the ground surface was observed in the Bellsund region: sorted circles, mud boils, cell forms, solifluction (striped) forms and large polygons (tundra polygons). The soils associated with these forms often have different
  • Periglacial patterned ground, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, Canada and U. S. A.
  • Physical factors controlling the formation of patterned ground on Haleakala, Maui
  • Gypsum crusts (gypcrete) and patterned ground from northern Iraq
  • Patterned ground on an active medial moraine, Jotunheimer, Norway
  • Pavements and patterned ground in the Australian Stony Desert