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  • Characteristics of discontinuous permafrost based on ground temperature measurements and electrical resistivity tomography, Southern Yukon, Canada
  • Canada ; Climatic variability ; Cold area ; Electrical resistivity tomography ; Geophysics ; Ground ice ; Northwest Territories ; Palsa ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Thermal regime ; Yukon
  • °N), using a combination of ground temperature monitoring, electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), frost table probing and coring. Sites were selected to cover a wide range of substrates, vegetation types and ground ice contents. ERT profiling
  • in the spring imaged both deep seasonal frost and perennially frozen ground. The observations revealed the complexity of site conditions where permafrost is discontinuous and the utility of ERT, in combination with other methods, to investigate permafrost
  • Air and ground temperature variations observed along elevation and continentality gradients in southern Norway
  • The coupling between air and ground temperatures in the mountains of southern Norway was examined using 12 shallow boreholes drilled in August 2008. Three borehole arrays (at Juvvass, Jetta and Tron), each with boreholes at different elevations
  • , were established along a continentality gradient. Here, the AA. present the first two years of air and ground temperature measurements and discuss the influences of air temperatures, ground surface characteristics (snow conditions, sediments/bedrock
  • , vegetation) and topographic parameters on the ground thermal regime.
  • Degrading mountain permafrost in southern Norway : spatial and temporal variability of mean ground temperatures, 1999–2009
  • A ten-year record (1999-2009) of annual mean ground surface temperatures (MGSTs) and mean ground temperatures (MGTs) was analysed for 16 monitoring sites in Jotunheimen and on Dovrefjell, southern Norway. Warming has occurred at sites with cold
  • Glaciolacustrine ; Ground ice ; Inheritated geomorphological features ; Lithalsa ; Micromorphology ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Quaternary ; Sedimentology ; United Kingdom ; Upper Pleistocene ; Wales
  • represent the collapsed remains of ground-ice mounds. This study highlights the importance of recognising and evaluating all possible (periglacial and non-periglacial) models for the development of ramparted depressions.
  • Automated time-lapse ERT for improved process analysis and monitoring of frozen ground
  • that this energy is not directly detectable in ground temperature records. The results suggest that thawing-related rockfall is possible even in cold permafrost if meltwater production and flow characteristics change significantly. Advective warming could rapidly