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  • concept within a Keynesian export-led development framework is criticized on the grounds that corporate organization and strategy undermine the development of local linkages that are important for positive regional changes. The corporate enterprise
  • in national and international contexts creates patterns of dominance and dependence, and maintains these relationships through backward and forward linkages that are themselves dominant and dependent. This paper introduces an explicit typology of linkages
  • The impacts of agricultural chemicals on ground water quality in Water and agriculture.
  • programming to the problem of the optimal joint development and supply of surface water and ground water. Separately, a mathematical ground water basin model of the region is linked to the linear programming model to study the ground water level variations
  • Human interactions with ground-water in Ground-water.
  • Subsiding land and falling ground-water tables : public policy, private liability, and legal remedy
  • Measurement of household damage costs from ground subsidence in Ninth Pacific Conference. Molokai, 1985.
  • The United Nations ground water exploration and development programme a fifteen year perspective
  • Kaatopaikan haittojen levinneisyys ympäriston asukkaiden kokemana. (The distribution of the disadvantages of a rubbish dumping-ground according to observations by neighbourhood inhabitants)
  • Capital switching and the role of ground rent : 1 Theoretical problems
  • Capital switching and the role of ground rent : 2 Switching between circuits and switching between submarkets
  • Reflections on Third World development : ground level reality, exogenous forces, and conventional paradigms
  • A distinction between people prosperity and place prosperity is common in the regional economics and urban policy literatures. In this paper, the author criticizes the distinction on the grounds that a radical distinction between people and place
  • Eh/pH-values are essential geo-chemical factors of migration. Both parameters are influencing the contamination of soils, loose rock and ground waters by harmful matters. By means of Eh/pH-diagrams one can assess, under which Eh/pH-conditions