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  • Ground water : a parameter in determining land use pattern in Siwana region, Western Rajasthan
  • This paper aims to identify ground water potential zones and remote sensing methods to demarcate various future land use units, through geo-electrical investigation conducted in a close grid pattern around Siwana region. Secondary data are used
  • to visualise changes in the present land use pattern in future. - (PLK)
  • Gypsum crusts (gypcrete) and patterned ground from northern Iraq
  • Ground beetles on Mt. Usu six years after the 1977-78 eruptions
  • Survey made of the ground beetles on and around Mt. Usu which had suffered vegetational damage from volcanic eruptions in 1977-78. A total of 2485 specimens of 29 species were collected.
  • Zur hydrologischen Rayonierung und Grundwassernutzung in Afghanistan. (Hydrogeological regionalization and ground-water utilization in Afghanistan)
  • , Indus region). The contribution ends with hints at aspects of ground-water utilization.
  • Skiing grounds and ski settlements in Japan
  • Faunal makeup and distribution of ground beetles in a dairy area Bekkai, Northern Japan
  • By combination of century-old experiences with open dug wells and surface reservoirs with scientific techniques of ground water prospecting and supply of energy, evolutionarily an alternative water management system can be developed
  • . This will consist of surface reservoirs for ground water recharge, natural fractures and dykes for water transport, modern exploration techniques for their identification and traditional open dug wells as water sources. (L'A.).
  • Ground water exploration in the Saurashtra peninsula in Indian national natural resources management system.
  • Description of arid geomorphic features using Landsat-TM data and ground truth information (Wadi Fatima, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Relationship between convective clouds and precipitation over the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau area from satellite remote sensing and ground based observations
  • The investigated area of Prakasam District, A. P., in the coastal plain, is characterized by sand bars, sandy flats and extensive mashy grounds. On the basis of toposheets, Landsat imageries and field checks, the coastal configuration near the river
  • The great hydraulic projects in Syria are not really satisfying on technical grounds: problems of salinity, burstings of canals, failures of the new settlements. In most cases, the responsibility rests with the administrative and technicals services
  • Observations on the microclimate in the wetland of southeast Hulunbuir show that cold damage to agriculture was caused mainly by the ground-water level being too high and by too much water content in the soils. Experiments indicate
  • Development of karst water resources in Turkey with emphasis on ground water
  • in the northern hilly region of the Osaka plain by applying the mesh method to micro-topography. Senri is a diluvial plateau lacking ground water resources, which remained sparsely populated until the 1960's. This area was transformed into Senri New Town