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  • Physical factors controlling the formation of patterned ground on Haleakala, Maui
  • The procedure of digital imaging and supervized interpretation is outlined. The application of digital images has a reliability of about 80 % compared to ground truth. Hungarian experiments include crop pattern, land use and water quality
  • Ground truth. An underview
  • Ground-based remote sensing for archaeological information recovery in historic buildings
  • The acquisition of ground data for surveys based on remotely sensed data in Remote sensing application in agriculture and hydrology.
  • Podzemné vody = Podzemnye vody = Ground waters.
  • The acquisition and analysis of ground-based reflectance data
  • To claim the high ground : geography for the end of the century. (Ninth Carl O. Sauer memorial lecture)
  • A mathematical model of image-ground relationship based on the collinearity equations for central projection in photogrammetry, satellite orientation elements and scanner geometry of the multispectral scanner of Landsat is developed to geometrically
  • rectify the MSS image. It is found that when applied to the 1: 1,000,000 scale image a residual error of 1 pixel can be achieved if 9 or more evenly distributed ground control points are used. A computer program for this mathematical model has been
  • Ground radiometry and airborne multispectral survey of bare soils in The Natural Environment Research Council's Airborne Thematic Mapper campaigns 1983 and 1984.
  • Ground truth requirements for radar observations over land and sea
  • Ground truth radiometry (exotech) on bare and overgrown Belgian soils
  • Investigates the lowest-order adjacency effect and the effect of multiple reflections between ground and atmosphere, using AVHRR channels 1 and 2. - (CB)
  • The change in Fresnel power reflexion coefficient of the ground with flooding is advanced as the cause of the enhancement in backscattered power levels.-(CB)
  • The accuracy of ground data used in remote sensing investigations
  • Interpretation of nighttime infrared digital data recorded over Belgium by the heat capacity mapping mission. II. Ground temperatures of general land-use classes as registred by the HCMM satellite
  • education and teaching critical thinking may offer some common ground.
  • ground stations to determine the data of satellite orbits, and Doppler receivers on ships or on the continent. (HL).
  • Comparison of demands of accuracy and ground solution of cartography and efficiency of remote sensing systems. Conclusions are drawn for the application of remote sensing data of cartography. (HL).
  • y) FT It allows to find a dependence of a general estimation of the area in respect of its usefulness for a certain purpose and the values of individual components in that area. Uncomparable values/depth of occurrence of ground water, bonitation