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  • Patterns in vegetation composition, surface height and thaw depth in polygon mires in the Yakutian Arctic (NE Siberia) : a microtopographical characterisation of the active layer
  • Active layer ; Asian part of Russia ; Cold area ; Ice wedge ; Microrelief ; Patterned ground ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Plant cover ; Sakha ; Spatial variation ; Tundra
  • and ground-truthing of permafrost indicate a recent northward recession of the permafrost boundary by about 130 km, most of which likely happened in the past 50 years.
  • The Laurichard active rock glacier is the permafrost-related landform with the longest record of monitoring in France, including an annual geodetic survey, repeated geoelectrical campaigns from 1979 onwards and continuous recording of ground
  • and the early 2000s, results and discussion about the correlation between surface movement, snow thickness and ground sub-surface temperatures. Finally, unusual surface lowering that accompanied peak velocities in 2004 may be due to a general thaw of the top
  • should improve the ground surface temperature mapping capability based on this approach.