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  • Coastal environment ; Coastal geomorphology ; Marine terrace ; Mexico ; Pacific Region ; Plate tectonics ; Remote sensing ; Sea level ; Seismicity ; Subduction ; Tectonics ; Vertical movement
  • Field observation combined with remote sensing, employing both Landsat images and aerial photographs, and the analysis of topographic, geomorphological and geological maps show that the regional contrasts in seismicity and associated tectonic
  • activity are reflected in differences in morphology along the coast. Six distinct morphotectonic zones are identified on the basis of their correlation with regional tectonics and areas of differing levels of seimicity. A range of geomorphological evidence
  • 1999
  • Azimuthal analysis of stream orientations to define regional tectonic lines
  • The aims of this work are : to improve the knowledge of the structural arrangement of some Italian areas affected by tectonics active in recent or historical times, and to aid the individuation of possible strike-slip faults of regional importance
  • 1999
  • The aim of this paper is to model the sensitive of drainage systems to increased regional gradient at both the river-network scale and gully-system scale. The research is applied to a semi-arid region experiencing extensional tectonic activity
  • 1999
  • levelled the regional relief are identified by using geomorphological, geometrical structural and sedimentological criteria. Due to the Pampean faulting and uplifting during the last 10 Ma, almost all surfaces have been broken and tilted. The described
  • 1999
  • Bathymetry ; Geochemistry ; Oceanic ridge ; Pacific Region ; Sea floor ; Seismic reflection ; Submarine volcanism ; Volcanic rock
  • 1999
  • cartes géomorphologiques élaborées à partir des données de terrain des 2 régions.
  • 1999