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  • The importance of earthquake-induced landslides to long-term slope erosion and slope-failure hazards in seimically active regions
  • This paper describes a general method for determining the amount of earthquake-induced landsliding that occurs in a seismically active region over time; this determination can be used as a quantitative measure of the long-term hazard from seimically
  • triggered landslides as well as measure of the importance of this process to regional slope-erosion rates and landscape evolution. Comparisons with other slope processes indicate that earthquake-induced landslides are the predominant agents of slope erosion
  • on the island of Hawaii, in the San Francisco Bay region, And in western New Guinea.
  • 1994
  • Since models of global warming predict that climatic changes will be greatest in the Arctic and might already be in progress, it is prudent to attempt to understand the rapidly changing thermal regime on Eurasian cold regions. In this paper
  • the A. tries to evaluate the probable catastrophic implications of global climatic change in the cold regions of Eurasia. The impact on Man activities in permafrost regions is discussed.
  • 1994
  • Studies of rockfalls and block slides provide insight about shaking hazards in alpine mountains subject to earthquakes. Large samples of the longest axis of the largest on each block can be used to identify regional landslide events; the coseismic
  • rockfall lichenometry model can be used to date and locate prehistorical earthquakes, document regional frequency of earthquakes, and describe regional patterns of seismic shaking. Determination of colonization time, great-growth phase, and especially
  • uniform phase rates of lichen growth are essential for dating regional landslide events.
  • 1994
  • Canada ; Erosion ; Lake ; Land use ; Modelling ; Natural hazards ; Ontario ; Regional planning ; Sediment transport ; Shoreline
  • 1994
  • results but the assessment will also be based on the Author's experiment working in the Darjeeling region of northeast India, the Kumaun Himalayas of northwest India, and 3 years involvement in a land use, soil conservation, and water resource management
  • 1994
  • Climatic variation ; Earthquake ; Human impact ; Inundation ; Lake ; Lake level ; Natural hazards ; Regional planning ; United States ; Utah ; Wind
  • 1994