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  • Economic development and the public-private partnership. Introduction to the symposium in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • Unravelling the process of partnership in urban regeneration policy
  • Local policy ; Organization ; Partnership ; Scotland ; United Kingdom ; Urban development ; Urban policy ; Urban renewal
  • In the UK, there is a political consensus that a multi-sectoral partnership approach is essential to achieve urban regeneration. The Conservative government has inscribed partnership with a complex political agenda. The paper explores how
  • the stakeholders in the central government-led Scottish Urban Partnerships conceive of the nature of their interrelationships within this political context. A conceptualisation of the partnership processes is also presented.
  • Local partnerships for rural development : Ireland's experience in context
  • Impact ; Ireland ; Local administration ; Local development ; Local government ; Participation ; Partnership ; Rural development
  • The paper presents the results of recent survey research which compares the different types of Irish partnerships in terms of their origins, growth, activities and impacts, and assesses the Irish partnership experience within the context of research
  • Legitimacy in interlocal partnerships : balancing efficiency and democracy
  • Asymmetry ; Demographic structure ; Demography ; Governance ; Norway ; Partnership ; Power of decision making ; Region
  • This article answers the question of why interlocal partnerships are seen as a viable route to effective governance among local elites in Norway. It shows that partnerships are also based on a more general perception of increased decision-making
  • power, specifically in relation to forces exogenous to the regional context in which such co-operation is forged. It argues that demography, perceptions of local governance and ideology matter when elites assess the importance of interlocal partnerships.
  • Establishing preservice partnerships: geography and social studies
  • Experience in the state of Missouri in developing a partnership between geographers and social studies professors. - (DWG)
  • Partnership in urban regeneration in the UK: the Sheffield Central Area Study
  • Firm strategy ; Local policy ; Partnership ; Sheffield ; South Yorkshire ; United Kingdom ; Urban development ; Urban economy ; Urban policy
  • This paper explores one particular manifestation of partnership in the Sheffield Area, within the context of growth coalition and regime theories. Analysis of agendas adopted by partners and questions of power, suggests that existing theories do
  • not satisfactorily account for experience within partnerships. Conceptualisation need to embrace questions such as the position of local government, and the status of the business community and landowners.
  • Creating a greater partnership : analysing partnership in the Catholic Church development chain
  • Catholicism ; Development ; Enquiry ; Nigeria ; Partnership
  • Flexibility with a purpose : constructing the legitimacy of spatial governance partnerships
  • Cambridgeshire ; England ; Governance ; House building ; Housing ; Partnership ; Project ; Real estate development ; United Kingdom ; Urban fringe ; Urban policy
  • This paper explores the relationship between flexibility in spatial governance partnerships and their legitimacy through the delivery of a major urban extension at the edge of Cambridge City, in the East of England. It demonstrates that flexibility
  • in resource deployment, has been crucial to delivering outcomes underpinned by the shared vision of sustainable communities. This suggests that future research on partnerships could benefit from a more refined analysis of the different ways in which
  • flexibility is exercised and how these may enhance or detract from the legitimacy of partnership arrangements.
  • Growth and Innovation through Urban-Rural Partnership
  • Urban-rural partnerships are an important element for spatial development. They provide a way to combine growth and balancing policy and they enable peripheral and economically weak areas to participate in growth and innovation. But this will only
  • Partnerships as instruments of good regional governance : innovation for sustainability in Tasmania ?
  • Australia ; Correlation ; Economic restructuring ; Economy ; Governance ; Neo liberalism ; Partnership ; Regional development ; Sustainable development ; Tasmania
  • Citizenship, partnership, and the popular restructuring of U.K. urban space
  • Citizenship ; Ideology ; Liberalism ; Local development ; Local government ; Partnership ; Political power ; Standard of living ; United Kingdom ; Urban area ; Urban policy ; Urban society
  • The pursuit of market-dominated urban policies has marginalized large sections of the population who have remained untouched by the benefits of national economic growth. The concepts of citizenship and partnership are central to the doctrine
  • Technology development, neighborhood planning, and negociated partnerships : the case of Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • A theoretical and empirical argument for centralized regional sewer planning in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • Assessing readiness for economic development strategic planning : a community case study in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • Forecasting on the P. C. : a planner's guide to time series packages in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • Labor mobility and structural change in Pittsburgh in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • The effect of sign complexity and coherence on the perceived quality of retail scenes in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • Interchange and partnership: the end of patronage in Aid, research and development.
  • Thinking outside the framework : equitable research partnerships for environmental research in Australia
  • Aborigines ; Australia ; Environment ; Fishing resources ; Partnership ; Research ; Sustainable development
  • Participative urban renewal ? Disability, community, and partnership in New Labour's urban policy
  • Community ; Disability ; Enquiry ; Participation ; Partnership ; United Kingdom ; Urban policy ; Urban renewal