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  • Palynologie, een sleutel tot de reconstructie van het historich bodemgebruik. (The palynological record, a key to the reconstruction of the history of agricultural land use)
  • Pollen analysis and radiocarbon dating of a core section from Hosingen Luxembourg provides a very detailed record of the successive vegetations from 1200 A.D. until today. This palynological record agrees largely with the consecutive events known
  • Paleogeography of loess accumulation in the light of palynological data in Lithology and stratigraphy of loess and paleosols.
  • Palynological evidence indicates more diverse climatic conditions for loess accumulation in the various regions of the USSR than it had been supposed earlier. Loess-like deposits formed in desert, semidesert, steppe, forest-steppe or tundra-steppe
  • Palynological evidence of climatic and oceanographic changes in the North Sea during the last deglaciation
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Climatic variation ; Deglaciation ; Lateglacial ; Marine quaternary ; Marine sediment ; North Sea ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Pollen diagram
  • Palynological analyses performed on cores from the Norwegian Channel (Troll 8903) led to reconstruction of the late-glacial variations in sea-surface conditions using dinoflagellate cyst data and permitted direct correlation with the vegetation
  • Stratigraphical and palynological appraisal of the Late Quaternary mangrove deposits of the west coast of India
  • India ; Mangrove ; Monsoon ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeoclimate ; Palaeomagnetism ; Palynology ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy
  • are mostly derived from the mangrove vegetation. Peat accumulation during the period 40,000-28,000 C 14 yr B.P. can be correlated with the excess rainfall 40-100% greater than modern values, of the Asian summer monsoon. The palynological data of the mangrove
  • Alluvial cone ; Archaeology ; C 14 dating ; Dating ; Fluvial processes ; Palynology ; Scotland ; Stratigraphy ; United Kingdom
  • The age of a large alluvial fan debouching onto the valley floor of the River Tweed, in southern Scotland, and the sequence of events relating to this, are investigated using geomorphological, sedimentological, palynological, archaeological
  • Czechoslovakia ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeobiogeography ; Palaeobotany ; Palynology ; Slovakia
  • A reconstruction of vegetation and environment in the East-Slovakian Lowland in the young Holocene is made on the basis of paleontology, palynology and archeology. A negative human settlement impact on vegetation, animals and landscape is visible
  • Palynological evidence for increased aridity on the central Chilean coast during the Holocene
  • Palynology and depositional environment of the Rio Ignao nonglacial deposit, province of Valdivia, Chile
  • Palynology of Central European loess-soil sequences in Lithology and stratigraphy of loess and paleosols.
  • A janoshalmi 1. sz. alapfuras palynologiai vizsgalata. (Palynological study of basic borehole n 1 at Janoshalma)
  • Palynology of Pleistocene travertines from the Arava Valley, Israel
  • Quaternary palynology: consideration of a discipline
  • Triassic palynology of the Warang Sandstone (Northern Galilee Basin) and its phytogeographic implications in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • Palynological investigations of Eemian deposits in the Drentsche Aa area (Drente, the Netherlands)
  • Palynological evidence for the growing of Cannabis sativa L. (hemp) in medieval and historical Scotland
  • Climatic variation ; Historical geography ; Paleobiogeography ; Palynology ; Pollen diagrams ; Rural history ; Scotland ; United Kingdom
  • The Stokersdobbe: geology and palynology of a deep pingo remnant in Friesland (The Netherlands)
  • This paper describes the results of geological and palynological investigations of a pingo remnant in Friesland. The remnant is situated in a small, former tributary valley of the Boorne river. As contrasted with other pingo remnants
  • Is Arctic palynology a blunt instrument?
  • Arctic Region ; Cold area ; Ecosystem ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Quaternary ; Research technique ; Taxonomy
  • Palynological evidence for climatic change and human activity during the Holocene on Minorca (Balearic Islands)
  • Baleares ; C 14 dating ; Climatic variation ; Drought ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Minorca ; Palynology ; Pollen diagram ; Quaternary ; Spain
  • Environmental and archaeological implications of a Late Quaternary palynological sequence, Poyang Lake, Southern China
  • Agriculture ; China ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Jiangxi ; Lacustrine sediment ; Palaeo-ecology ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Pleistocene ; Pollen diagram ; Quaternary ; Rice