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  • Palaeohydrological reconstructions achieved from palaeoclimatic conditions and palaeochannel morphology for southern Hebei, the North China Plain
  • The palaeoclimatic significance of paleosols in Southern Fezzan (Libyan Sahara) : morphological and micromorphological aspects
  • , and discusses their palaeoclimatic significance in relation to Late Tertiary and Quaternary palaeoenvironmental changes in North Africa.
  • Late Quaternary vadose carbonate diagenesis in coastal and desert dune and beach sands : is there a palaeoclimatic signal ?
  • A study of the variation in cement amounts in aeolianite and sandy beach calcarenites that range in age from Holocene to Last Interglacial is used to assess whether a palaeoclimatic control on vadose diagenesis can be identified. Examples are taken
  • from modern-day arid to subhumid settings and represent a geographical distibution ranging from Libya and Oman, to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Mexico. The results indicate that a palaeoclimatic signal can be identified in some deposits. However
  • Palaeoclimatic inferences from former glaciers in Scotland and the Lake District
  • A palaeoclimatic interpretation of frost-wedge casts and aeolian sand deposits in the lowlands between Rhine and Vistula in the Upper Pleniglacial and Late Glacial
  • . The spatial distribution of the processes is shown in five time-sections and the palaeoclimatic record is discussed.
  • Southern oscillation signal in South American palaeoclimatic data of the last 7 000 years
  • A method for palaeoclimatic reconstruction in palynology based on multivariate time-series analysis
  • Fossil ice wedges in Patagonia and their palaeoclimatic significance
  • A potential century-scale rhythm in six major palaeoclimatic records in the northern hemisphere
  • Postglacial palaeoclimatic changes in Scandinavia and central Europe. A tentative correlation based on studies of lake level fluctuations
  • Considerations on the chronological and causal relationships between talus flatirons and palaeoclimatic changes in central and northeastern Spain
  • The global pollen database in biogeographical and palaeoclimatic studies
  • A model is tested basing on radiocarbon dated field evidence from various river systems. Conclusions on palaeoclimatic periods humid as today and more humid than at present within the Namib as well as more arid than at present in the hinterland
  • are deduced from geomorphic findings. The arranged relief types themselves came into existence only as a result of climatic changes. Only locally effective palaeoclimatic events can be separated readily from regionally effective ones. More humid than
  • Beobachtungen und Bemerkungen zum alten Dünengürtel der Sahelzone südlich der Sahara als paläoklimatischer Anzeiger. (Observations and remarks on the old dune belts of the Sahel. South of the Sahara as a palaeoclimatic indicator)
  • Rückschlüsse auf paläoklimatische Verhältnisse, abgeleitet aus Felsbildergenerationen in der westlichen Libyschen Sahara. (Generations of rock pictures of the western Libyan Sahara in its relation to the palaeoclimatic conditions)
  • Palaeoclimatic inferences from Loch Lomond Advance glaciers in Studies in the Lateglacial of North-West Europe.
  • Upper Cenozoic of the Southern North Sea basin: palaeoclimatic and palaeogeographic evolution
  • Geology and palaeontology of Pleistocene sediments at Punta Hermengo area (Miramar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina): some palaeoclimatic aspects in Quaternary of South America Antarctic peninsula. Volume 1.