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  • Late Quaternary vadose carbonate diagenesis in coastal and desert dune and beach sands : is there a palaeoclimatic signal ?
  • A study of the variation in cement amounts in aeolianite and sandy beach calcarenites that range in age from Holocene to Last Interglacial is used to assess whether a palaeoclimatic control on vadose diagenesis can be identified. Examples are taken
  • from modern-day arid to subhumid settings and represent a geographical distibution ranging from Libya and Oman, to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Mexico. The results indicate that a palaeoclimatic signal can be identified in some deposits. However
  • 2004
  • The soils as palaeoclimatic indicators. A few sequences of paleosols in the Fiume Santo area (Sassari, Sardinia). Preliminary observations
  • 2004