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  • A geo-paleontological synthesis of the Gondwana formations of Uruguay in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • Late Pleistocene geology and paleontology of Amboseli National Park, Kenya in Palaeoecology of Africa and the surrounding islands-Vol 13.
  • Possibility for subdividing apparently homogeneous depositional sequences by combined use of sedimentological, paleontological and mathematical methods
  • Holocene ; Lateglacial ; Methodology ; Paleo-environment ; Paleontology ; Palynology ; Pollen analysis
  • Belgium ; Geological field;Site;Deposits ; Karst ; Liège ; Mammals ; Paleontology ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy
  • A reconstruction of vegetation and environment in the East-Slovakian Lowland in the young Holocene is made on the basis of paleontology, palynology and archeology. A negative human settlement impact on vegetation, animals and landscape is visible
  • in this paper are based primarily on more recent geomorphic and stratigraphic data from a number of dated localities throughout the region, with a variety of supporting evidence from paleontology and archaeology.
  • Authors present the results of a sedimentological and paleontological investigation of the Quaternary sequence of three samples collected in the vicinity of Petervására (N-Hungary). The age and origin of the samples was determined by laboratory
  • Collection of seminar papers prepared for the session organized by INQUA Hungarian National Committee, Budapest, October 1984. Results achieved in several earth science fields such as stratigraphy, geomorphology, paleontology, pedology
  • in the Great Hungarian Plain and the denudation chronology of the Hungarian Mountains are studied with the application of geological, sedimentological, stratigraphical, paleontological and geomorphological methods and various absolute dating techniques. DLO).
  • of caves and their filing have been studien, some paleontological and archeological discoveries as well. (MS).
  • The geomorphological, lithostratigraphical, paleontological and paleomagnetic data were considered together for the profile of the Gyongyosvisonta open cast lignite mine pit. (DLO).
  • knowledge about the water circulation, tectonics, paleontology, biospeleology, etc., of Moravia Karst. (MS).
  • of mineralogical, paleontological, sedimentological and absolute K/Ar age of basalts, the profiles were placed into the transition from Paleogene to Neogene and stratigraphic correlation was suggested.
  • Genetic and paleontological evidence are combining to provide a new and surprising picture of mammalian biogeography in southeastern Alaska. The AA. conclude that brown bears, and perhaps other large mammals, have continuously inhabited
  • Pikas (Ochotona), small gnawing mammals, related to rabits, range today throughout parts of the Northern Hemisphere, but had a wider distribution during the Pleistocene. The AA. discuss the paleontological remains from northeastern North America
  • Author provides an overview about the results of palynological, paleontological, geomorphological and archeological investigations concerning the changes in the paleoenvironment in the Carpathian Basin in the last 13,000 years. - (JS)
  • Chile ; Climatic variation ; Paleo-environment ; Paleoclimate ; Paleontology ; Quantitative analysis ; Quaternary ; Taxonomy
  • A geochemical and paleontological reconstruction of paleoproductivity, upwelling intensity and sea surface temperature (SST) off central Chile at 35°S reveals marked changes from the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) through the Early Holocene. The AA