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  • Eemian deposits in the neighbourhood of Brugge: a paleogeographical and sea level reconstruction
  • The Hudesti conglomerates and their paleogeographical significance
  • Lithofacies analysis of the Late Permian Raniganj coal measures (Mahuda Basin) and their paleogeographic implications in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • Reflection of the paleogeographic changes in the history of the Vistula river valley
  • Lithoecology and energetics of loess: paleogeographic and genetic aspects in Lithology and stratigraphy of loess and paleosols.
  • Az Os-Koros Korosladanyi rétegsoranak paleookologiai és osfoldrajzi vizsgalata. (Paleoecological and paleogeographical investigation of the Korosladany series of the Old Koros)
  • Investigations of paleogeographic variations on the basis of the stratotype section of Viatovo at the Lower Danube
  • The Plio-Pleistocene changes of paleogeographic environment in the Lower Danube Basin were investigated in the paper with the involvement of new granulometric analytical methods. The loess-paleosol series at Viatovo (located 35 km to the SE from
  • Paleolithic archeology and the paleogeographical study of loess-paleosol sequences in Eastern Europe
  • Paleogeographic evolution of the United States Pacific Northwest during Paleogene time
  • Paleogeographical remarks to some Scythian river names of Herodotus related to Slavonic and Hungarian languages
  • Upper Miocene reefs in Southern Calabria: new records from the Palmi and Vibo Valentia areas and their paleogeographic and neotectonic importance
  • The fossil soils of the coastal dunes on the eba Bar and their paleogeographical interpretation
  • Cenozoic ; Paleogeographic maps ; Phanerozoic
  • The present landforms are merely a mirror image of a sequence of paleogeographical developments. Hydrocarbon storing structural phenomena are identified from a complex landscape-morphogenetic integration of satellite information. (DLO).
  • This paper is to evaluate leastways a part of that abundant paleogeographical material promoting the better understanding of the history of Earth and Life in general and particularly that of our own land and people| a secondary purpose
  • Geological composition, paleogeographical development history of the landscape, geomorphological character of the small landscapes together with the climate, hydrology, natural vegetation and soil. (CK).
  • Comment to Latest-Cretaceous/Paleocene karsts with marine infillings from Languedoc (South of France); paleogeographic, hydrogeologic and geodynamic implications by P.J. Combes et al.
  • Latest-Cretaceous/Paleocene karsts with marine infillings from Languedoc (South of France); paleogeographic, hydrogeologic and geodynamic implications
  • Special paleogeographic characteristics and changes in δ18 O values in Upper Pleistocene deposits of the Moravian Plateau
  • Nature and dating of karstic filling in the Hainaut Province (Belgium). Karstic, geodynamic and paleogeographic implications