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  • Eemian deposits in the neighbourhood of Brugge: a paleogeographical and sea level reconstruction
  • Lithofacies analysis of the Late Permian Raniganj coal measures (Mahuda Basin) and their paleogeographic implications in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • The Hudesti conglomerates and their paleogeographical significance
  • Reflection of the paleogeographic changes in the history of the Vistula river valley
  • Az Os-Koros Korosladanyi rétegsoranak paleookologiai és osfoldrajzi vizsgalata. (Paleoecological and paleogeographical investigation of the Korosladany series of the Old Koros)
  • Lithoecology and energetics of loess: paleogeographic and genetic aspects in Lithology and stratigraphy of loess and paleosols.
  • Investigations of paleogeographic variations on the basis of the stratotype section of Viatovo at the Lower Danube
  • The Plio-Pleistocene changes of paleogeographic environment in the Lower Danube Basin were investigated in the paper with the involvement of new granulometric analytical methods. The loess-paleosol series at Viatovo (located 35 km to the SE from
  • Upper Miocene reefs in Southern Calabria: new records from the Palmi and Vibo Valentia areas and their paleogeographic and neotectonic importance
  • Paleolithic archeology and the paleogeographical study of loess-paleosol sequences in Eastern Europe
  • Paleogeographic evolution of the United States Pacific Northwest during Paleogene time
  • Paleogeographical remarks to some Scythian river names of Herodotus related to Slavonic and Hungarian languages
  • The fossil soils of the coastal dunes on the eba Bar and their paleogeographical interpretation
  • Cenozoic ; Paleogeographic maps ; Phanerozoic
  • This paper is to evaluate leastways a part of that abundant paleogeographical material promoting the better understanding of the history of Earth and Life in general and particularly that of our own land and people| a secondary purpose
  • Geological composition, paleogeographical development history of the landscape, geomorphological character of the small landscapes together with the climate, hydrology, natural vegetation and soil. (CK).
  • The present landforms are merely a mirror image of a sequence of paleogeographical developments. Hydrocarbon storing structural phenomena are identified from a complex landscape-morphogenetic integration of satellite information. (DLO).
  • Comment to Latest-Cretaceous/Paleocene karsts with marine infillings from Languedoc (South of France); paleogeographic, hydrogeologic and geodynamic implications by P.J. Combes et al.
  • Latest-Cretaceous/Paleocene karsts with marine infillings from Languedoc (South of France); paleogeographic, hydrogeologic and geodynamic implications
  • Special paleogeographic characteristics and changes in δ18 O values in Upper Pleistocene deposits of the Moravian Plateau
  • lateral movements in the Early Cretaceous. During this period, the Antarctic Peninsula area occupied an important paleogeographical position, near the junction of major new seaways that were opening between South America and Africa, along the eastern coast
  • of Africa, and between India and the Antarctic-Australasian block. The biogeographical affinities of ammonite faunas in the Antarctic Peninsula are briefly reviewed in the light of these changing paleogeographical conditions.