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  • Dendrochronologie et paléoclimatologie. in Paléoclimats. (Dendrochronology and paleoclimatology)
  • Emergence and evolution of paleoclimatology
  • Archeology ; Atmospheric circulation ; Climatic variation ; Concept ; Dendrology ; Holocene ; Model ; Paleoclimatology ; Palynology ; Sea level ; Weather type
  • Dating ; Geochemistry ; Paleoclimatology ; Quaternary ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Soil science ; Thermoluminescence ; Venezuela
  • Pedological analyses and thermoluminescence dating were carried out on two soil profiles in the alluvial plain of the Orituco River, to determine if the chemical properties of the soil subhorizons are related to the paleoclimatology of the region.
  • Bibliography ; Biogeography ; Holocene ; Paleo-ecology ; Paleoclimatology ; Palynology ; Pollen analysis ; Quaternary
  • This contribution explores some of the advances in the principles of fossil pollen analysis and examines the application of palynology to outstanding questions concerning population and community ecology, and paleoclimatology reported mainly since
  • Late Pleistocene paleoclimatology of the Central Equatorial Pacific : a quantitative record of eolian and carbonate deposition
  • Reflexions sur la paléoclimatologie au Paléozoïque inférieur. Un exemple: l'Ordovicien. in Paléoclimats. (Reflections on the paleoclimatology during the Lower Paleozoic. An example: the Ordovician)
  • Paléoclimatologie du Quaternaire marin du Maroc atlantique. Méthodes d'étude Variations dans le temps et dans l'espace. in Paléoclimats. (Paleoclimatology of the Quaternary Moroccan Atlantic sea coast: the methods for studying temporal and spatial
  • Quaternary paleoclimatology of the Black Sea basin
  • A standard paleoclimatological approach to temperature reconstruction in historical climatology : an example from the Czech Republic, A.D. 1718-2007
  • A 37-meter record of paleoclimatological events from stable isotope data on continental molluscs in Valle di Castiglione, near Rome, Italy
  • Variation of Rb/Sr ratios in the loess-paleosol sequences of Central China during the last 130,000 years and their implications for monsoon paleoclimatology
  • Sur la signification paléoclimatologique des roches salines. in Paléoclimats. (On the paleoclimatological significance of saline rocks)
  • Australia ; Cenozoic ; Chronostratigraphy ; Dating ; Geochemistry ; Paleoclimatology ; Queensland
  • Climate ; Climatic variation ; Forecast;Prediction ; Glacier fluctuation ; Mountain ; Paleoclimatology ; Scale ; Snow ; Temperature
  • The presence of cave lion and the evolutionary stage of the horse and mammoth remains, dates the fauna back to the middle of the last glacial period. Paleoecological and paleoclimatological information is given. - (LW)
  • Dating ; Dendrology ; Earth surface processes ; Geochronology ; Geomorphology ; Lichenometry ; Paleoclimatology ; Paleomagnetism ; Quaternary ; Research technique ; Soil ; Spatial analysis
  • Climate ; Climatic variation ; Model ; Paleoclimatology ; Quaternary ; Radiation ; System ; System analysis
  • Aridity ; Cenozoic ; Climatic variation ; Drought ; Glacier fluctuation ; Holocene ; Paleoclimatology
  • Human impact ; Mediterranean States ; Paleo-ecology ; Paleoclimatology ; Palynology ; Quaternary ; Vegetation