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  • The Pacific Islands : a new geography
  • Changes in the political status of Pacific Islands. - (DWG)
  • The Pacific Rim : region or regions? in Tenth Pacific Conference. Pusan, 1987.
  • The Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization (PRSCO) has a unique opportunity to both grow with the region and contribute solutions to the problems which come with growth. This paper first examines some of the economic attributes
  • of the Pacific Region and then explores some of the challenges and opportunities faced by PRSCO.
  • The Pacific tsunami warning system
  • The biogeography of Coccinellidae in the Pacific area
  • The metallic minerals of the Pacific seafloor in Pacific affairs.
  • Biogeography an (d) plate tectonics in the Pacific. (Symposium of the XVth Pacific Science congress, Dunedin, New Zealand, February 1983)
  • Orthogonal intersections of megatrends in the Western Pacific ocean basin : a case study of the Mid-Pacific mountains
  • Bathymetry ; Fracture ; Geophysics ; Lithosphere ; Ocean ; Pacific Ocean ; Remote sensing ; Seamount ; Submarine geomorphology ; Tectonics
  • Present-day tectonic concepts of events on the western paleo-Pacific lithosphere must be assessed relative to new data. Three problems, fracture zones versus transform faults, the formation of fracture zones, and hotspots versus leaky fracture zones
  • , are the focus of this paper and are explained using different methods. A case study of the Mid-Pacific Mountains (MPM) is presented to demonstrate a possible tectonic framework for the formation of rises, plateaus, or vortex structures at the orthogonal
  • The trans-Pacific Chinook Trough megatrend
  • Bathymetry ; Fracture ; Geophysics ; North Pacific Ocean ; Pacific Region ; Sea floor ; Submarine geomorphology
  • , structural trends based on satellite altimetry, and magnetic lineations that reveal the existence of yet another trans-Pacific megatrend.
  • Resources, population and migration in the Pacific : connecting islands and rim
  • Climatic change ; Colonialism ; International migration ; Island ; Melanesia ; Micronesia ; Natural resources ; Pacific Region ; Population growth
  • This article examines international migration in the pacific and argues that there should be still greater opportunities for the people of Pacific countries to migrate between their home states and the developed states of the Pacific Rim.
  • Helium flux through marine sediments of the Northeast Pacific Ocean
  • A New kind of sugar: tourism in the Pacific
  • Pacific atoll populations
  • Changing patterns in the world aluminum trade: recent development in the Southwest Pacific
  • Cenozoic sedimentation in the central North Pacific
  • On the total CO-titration alkalinity-oxygen system in the Pacific Ocean
  • An assessment of the 27-year record of measured precipitation at ocean weather station « P » in the northeast Pacific Ocean
  • Climate ; Ocean ; Pacific Ocean;Pacific Region ; Precipitation ; Regime of rainfall
  • Ocean minerals : prospects for South Pacific islands in Natural resource development in the Pacific Islands region.
  • The phosphate supply system in the Pacific region in Pacific affairs.
  • Fish, fishing, and sea boundaries: tuna stocks and fishing policies in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific in Pacific affairs.
  • Changing trade patterns of the West Pacific in Pacific affairs.