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  • The historical cartography of Scotland. A guide to the literature of Scottish maps and mapping prior to the Ordnance Survey
  • Incorporation of prior information on parameters into nonlinear regression groundwater flow models. 1. Theory
  • The residential pattern of Chinese dialect groups in Singapore prior to World War II.
  • Stratigraphy and correlation of the glacial deposits of the Lake Michigan lobe prior to 14 ka BP in Quaternary glaciations in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • A spatial prior for Bayesian vector autoregressive models
  • Church, state and the shelter of White working-class women in Johannesburg prior to World War Two
  • American crop plants in Asia prior to European contact
  • Criminal neighbourhoods : does the density of prior offenders in an area encourage others to commit crime?
  • This paper explores whether the density of prior offenders in a neighbourhoods has an influence on the propensity of others to (re)commence offending in Glasgow. It shows that the number of ‘newly active’ offenders in a neighbourhood in the current
  • quarter is positively associated with the density of prior offenders for both violent and property crime from the previous two years. In the case of newly active property offenders, the relationship with active prior offenders is apparent only when prior
  • Tephra layers near Glacier Peak in the North Cascade Range provide limiting dates for four periods of alpine glacier advance. Field relations suggest that late Wisconsin alpine glaciers last advanced prior to the eruption of tephra layers from
  • Glacier Peak about 11.250 yr B.P. Late Wisconsin deglaciation in the central North Cascades was complete prior to the Glacier Peak tephra eruptions. Glaciers again expanded in the early Holocene about 8400-8300 yr B.P. Soil formed in alpine meadows during
  • an episode of mild climate in the middle Holocene prior to at least two intervals of glacier expansion: an older episode between 5100 and 3400 yr B.P., and a younger episode within the last 1000 yr.
  • Weather conditions prior to major outbreaks of meningococcol meningitis in the United Kingdom
  • Competition between television companies for advertising revenue in the United Kingdom : the Independent Television regions prior to deregulation
  • Swedish influence on Norwegian hydrology prior to 1814
  • Daily rainfall probabilities: conditional upon prior occurrence and amount of rain
  • One island too many : reappraising the extent of deforestation in the Philippines prior to 1946
  • The political scramble for Africa was followed by a scramble for the land resources of the continent. Little more than 6 percent of the continent was directly exploited for crop and stock farming by colonists prior to 1960. - (AJC)
  • Analysis of extreme summers and prior late winter/spring conditions in central Europe
  • The re-emergence of Jerusalem: new Zionist approaches in attaining political goals prior to the First World War
  • IO and spatial information as Bayesian priors in an employment forecasting model
  • This paper reports a method of monitoring small movements of clasts just prior to entrainment and the ingress of fine matrix material into framework gravels using digital image analysis. The method presented involves the analysis of digital video
  • imagery taken through the glass side-wall of a laboratory flume using a digital CCD (charge-coupled device) camera. Experimental results showing dilatation of a gravel framework and rapid infiltration of fines just prior to entrainment are discussed.