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  • The participation of Australian Aboriginal women in a changing political environment in Gender and political geography.
  • In pre-European times, Aboriginal women played very important economic roles in their societies, in the religious and political spheres. Today, the variation in the position of women in the society is enormous. At the macro-scale of Australian
  • politics, they have been largely ignored. This runs counter to the position at the micro-level where both women and men hold political power.
  • Ethnicity, election and emergency. The 1987 Fiji general election in the context of contemporary political geography
  • The 1987 Fijian general election, and the subsequent military coups are inextricably linked and require a framework for analysis that incorporates electoral geography within a broader political geography framework. Taylor's model provides
  • Changes in the political status of Pacific Islands. - (DWG)
  • The political crisis and the manufacturing sector in Fiji
  • Political economy and international labour migration: The case of Polynesians in New Zealand
  • The political economy of urbanization in Melanesia
  • The coups in retrospect : the new political geography of Fiji
  • The new political economy of Fiji
  • Ethnic politics and small business : the case of the Fiji poultry industry
  • Nelson's National Railway : the political distortion of geographical space
  • Demographic, economic, socio-cultural and political facts nowadays in the French Pacific Territories in Pacific Island States.
  • The political geography of Australian federal-state relations in Equity in Australia.
  • Constraints on diffusion of agricultural innovations among third-world farmers involve both cultural and political-economic factors. The role of cultural factors fluctuates over time in direct response to changes in political-economic conditions
  • New Guinea) with special regard to social, economic and political aspects. (HK).
  • is a total social phenomenon in that the ritual distribution of large quantities of food and valuables reflects the interplay between kinship and marriage structures, the nature of political leadership, and the religious and symbolic systems found in theses
  • Agriculture is basic to Pacific Island economies. National self-sufficiency in food production is a major goal, but may not be attainable because of environmental, social, political and economic constraints. Imported foods are often preferred