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  • Trends in political geography
  • Apartheid ; Electoral geography ; Land ; Political geography ; Research ; Segregation ; South Africa ; Town
  • The sub-discipline of political geography has been a small but vibrant section of geographical research in South Africa in the last thirty years. In large measure this reflects the turbulent history of the country as apartheid planning involved
  • the spatial ordering of society, while the post-apartheid era has witnessed the beginning of the readjustement of that society to a different political philosophy. - (AJC)
  • Ethnicity ; Historical geography ; National identity ; Political geography ; Practice of geography ; South Africa
  • The revival of historical consciousness and a greater emphasis on place have significant positive implications for geographers, particularly in South Africa at a time of political and social transition. - (AJC)
  • Apartheid ; Foreign policy ; International relations ; Isolation ; Political geography ; Political reform ; South Africa
  • Bantustan ; Conflict ; Ethnic group ; Language ; Multi-ethnic state ; Nation ; Political geography ; Segregation ; South Africa ; State
  • In South Africa the White minority sought to retain political power in the face of majority African demands for equality, by means of state partition. The government attempted to create new states for linguistically defined groups within the African
  • Decolonization ; Federalism ; Independence ; Political geography ; Political regime ; State ; Twentieth Century ; Twenty-first century ; World
  • Administration ; Land ; Political geography ; Political reform ; Post-apartheid ; South Africa ; Space ; Territory ; Urban change
  • Questions of personal identity have been at the centre of South African politics since the formation of the Union in 1910. It is scarcely surprising that successive censuses have probed the issues of race, religion, language and citizenship
  • South African cities were highly segregated in the 20th century as a result of the attempt by the White minority to maintain political and economic dominance. An analysis of the data from successive censuses offers a means of measuring the changes
  • The secession of South Sudan marks a significant milestone in the political evolution of the African continent. The new state has no separate colonial heritage, and hence no recognise boundary, and has been formed as a result of a struggle
  • Historical geography ; Political geography ; Population census ; South Africa ; State ; Statistical data ; Survey ; The 1910's
  • Africa ; Colonization ; Conflict ; Ethnic community ; Nationalism ; Political geography ; State
  • Administration ; Administrative division ; Decolonization ; Imperialism ; Independence ; Political geography ; Post-colonialism ; Separatism ; State ; World