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  • Pilgrims in a strange land. The Hausa communities in Chad, 1890-1970
  • Pilgrims' progress
  • A. reviews how glaciation created the poor soils of New England and how the Pilgrims compensated by, at the suggestion of the Wampanoag tribe, putting a herring under each planted seed. There is a discussion of the town of Plymouth and of Plymouth
  • Socio-economic characteristics of the Puri pilgrims
  • Different authors from the United States, Canada and the Federal Rep. of Germany examine the geography of pilgrim systems in different cultural regions of the world. They study several new dimensions of the pilgrimage place and process, and reveal
  • the influence of pilgrim streams.
  • Darb Zubaydah, the pilgrim road from Kufa to Mecca.
  • The Saikoku pilgrimage which consists of thirty - three sacred places called Fudasho is a folk - religious phenomenon. The study aims at reconstructing the two ordinary kinds of pilgrim routes from the 19th Fudasho to the 22nd. Comparison is made
  • between the two through the Tôkoku pilgrim's records. One is the expanded and extraordinary route or climbing route over Atago Mountain. - (SGA)
  • Housing for temporary residents : a study of pilgrims to Makkah
  • Negotiated space : tourists, pilgrims, and the Baha'i terraced gardens in Haifa
  • Pilgrimage tourism in the Hola Land : the behavioural characteristics of Christian pilgrims
  • Spiritual pilgrims at Mount Shasta, California
  • Geographic expression of Buddhist pilgrim places on Shikoku Island, Japan
  • Managing the impacts of tourist and pilgrim mobility in the Indian Himalayas
  • great pagodas are holding temple fairs attracting customers, pilgrims and spectators from all over the country. Out of 12 festivals, 8 are attached to Buddhist culture; 2 are remnants of the cultural influence of Hindu Brahmanism; the two others were