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  • Contribution to the lithostratigraphy and the sedimentary petrology of the Landen Formation in Belgium
  • On the mineralogical and petrological properties of the younger loess in Hungary in Loess and the Quaternary: Chinese and Hungarian case studies.
  • Loess in Hungary is divided into younger and older loess. The younger loess is subdivided by five forest steppe paleosols. A brief account is given of the mineralogical and petrological and grain size investigations of the individual horizons. (DLO).
  • A dynamic model of rift zone petrogenesis and the regional petrology of Iceland
  • A tokaji-nagyhegy dacittipusok kozettani viszonyai. (Petrological conditions of the dacite types of the Tokaj-Nagyhegy)
  • Karst morphology and limestone petrology
  • Igneous petrology.
  • which are not seen in active volcanoes. Many of the classic localities of igneous petrology are also described. This book is profusely illustrated with maps, tables and diagrams, and contains an extensive bibliography, making it not only a textbook
  • Petrology and paleoenvironmental significance of detrital sand and silt in a stalagmite from Drotsky's cave, Botswana
  • Botswana ; Carbonate ; Cave ; Palaeoclimatology ; Petrology ; Precipitation
  • Petrology and geochemistry of Early Tertiary volcanism of the Mendejin area, Iran, and implications for magma genesis and tectonomagmatic setting
  • Azarbaijan ; Cenozoic ; Geochemistry ; Iran ; Lithostratigraphy ; Magma ; Petrology ; Tectonics ; Volcanic rock ; Volcanism
  • Petrology and geochemistry of basaltic rocks of the Lau basin
  • Petrological influence on differential weathering and inselberg development in the Kora area of central Kenya
  • Petrologic and structural controls on geomorphology of prehistoric Tsergo Ri slope failure, Langtang Himal, Nepal
  • Glacial valley ; Himalaya ; Landslide ; Natural hazards ; Neotectonics ; Nepal ; Petrology ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Soil erosion ; Structural geomorphology
  • The petrology, geochemistry, and mineralogy of North Atlantic basalts: a discussion based on IPOD Leg 49
  • Whole-rock geochemical data were obtained for 178samples selected from the petrologically freshest parts of most of the flow units recovered from the nine holes. These data include 170 major element analyses (XRF) and 174trace-element analyses (XRF
  • Petrology, geochemistry and environmental significance of silcrete-calcrete intergrade duricrusts at Kang Pan and Tswaane, central Kalahari, Botswana
  • This paper presents the first in-depth investigation of cement relationships within Kalahari silcrete-calcrete intergrade duricrusts at a profile scale, through the detailed analysis of the petrology and geochemistry of duricrusts and bedrock
  • Distribution, petrology and mode of development of silcretes (sarsens and puddingstones) on the eastern South Downs, UK
  • . The distribution, occurrence and macromorphology of the silcretes on the eastern South Downs are described, followed by a general account of their petrology, micromorphology and geochemical characteristics. Subsequently, the types of silcrete present in the region
  • Deglaciation ; Fluvioglacial features ; Glacial features ; Glacial tectonics ; Microstructure ; Moraine ; Petrology ; Poland ; Terminology
  • Based on research results obtained in west central Poland, the aim of this paper is to discuss in brief the existing terms and to propose a new terminology. It is oriented towards genetic and petrologic criteria, adapted for unconsolidated deposits
  • Fluid-induced plastic deformation in the crustal Austroalpine system (Western Italian Alps) : a petrologic and fluid inclusion analysis
  • Impact cratering phenomenon for the Ries multiring structure based on constraints of geological, geophysical, and petrological studies and the nature of the impacting body in Impact and explosion cratering. Planetary and terrestrial implications.
  • Author investigates the geomorphological characteristics of the Apuseni mountains (Romania). Among others the types of relief structures and the petrological characteristics of the different ranges of the mountains are examined. - (JS)
  • Deglaciation ; Glacial features ; Glacial tectonics ; Moraine ; Palaeogeography ; Petrology ; Poland ; Stratigraphy
  • , suggesting a re-advance. Petrological data suggest also a change of ice flow direction from north-south during the major advance to northeast-southwest during the readvance. Thus now, almost all marginal zones of the Late Weichselian glaciation in western
  • Paleoclimatic significance of the stable isotopic composition and petrology of a Late Pleistocene stalagmite from Botswana