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  • On the distribution of rainfall over the sultanate of Oman
  • Over a quarter century of agricultural economics research
  • Diurnal and seasonal variations of fog over Sierra Leone
  • The transport of water vapour in the atmosphere over southern Africa
  • Statistiques de base de l'industrie charbonnière=Basis statistieken over de kolennijverheid-1980.
  • Geomorfologisk karta over Island.. (Geomorphological map of Iceland)
  • Evoluties in het neerslagpatroon en in het desertificatieproces over de voorbije 80 jaar in de centraal-westelijke Sahel (Evolution in the rainfall pattern and related desertification processes in the central-western Sahel over the past 80 years)
  • Analysis of the fumigation effect on pollutants over Pietermaritzburg
  • Analysis of meteorological and pollutant parameters over central Pietermaritzburg over a 12-month period revealed the marked effect of local climate ondiurnal variations in pollutants concentration. The refinements to monitoring programmes
  • The characteristics of rain storms and their distribution over the Loess Plateau.
  • Rainstorms are defined as falls of over 55 mm in 24 hours with initial intensity of 0.78 mm per minute (i.e. 3.9 mm in the first 5 minutes). The distinctive features of rain storms and their spatial pattern over the Loess region are presented
  • Winter rainfall over the interior of South Africa during extreme dry years
  • It is hypothesised that, during extreme dry years, rainfall over the interior of southern Africa will increase due to the equatorward shift of the circumpolar westerlies. - (AJC)
  • Surface temperature fields and circulation variations over Southern Africa
  • A preliminary assessment of surface temperature fields over Southern Africa is presented. Areas for further investigation on both spatial and temporal levels are indicated. - (AJC)
  • The relationship between changes in the amount of precipitation over the Ukraine and in the mean annual surface air temperature over the Northern Hemisphere is examined. The time series of mean monthly sums of precipitation averaged over
  • the Ukrainian administrative regions and the adjacent areas are used. Estimates are made by three statistical methods. It is shown that the considered relationship is significant, especially for the cold period of a year when the amount of precipitation over
  • the Ukraine increases as a whole to 20 % with a rise of the mean annual temperature over the Northern Hemisphere to 0.5oC. - (L'Ed.).
  • Experimental determination of the roughness length for temperature over a field of tall grass in central Sweden
  • The aim of this study was to analyse wind, temperature and humidity profiles, surface radiation temperature, and eddy correlation fluxes of momentum and heat over a grass field in order to obtain a better parameterisation of exchange processes over
  • such a surface. The study was performed under summer conditions over a formerly cultivated, uniform and well-watered field of tall grass in central Sweden.
  • Structure of flow over alluvial bedforms : an experiment on linking field and laboratory methods
  • This paper presents results of a field study designed to examine the structure of flow over mobile and fixed bedforms in a natural stream and to compare the results with findings of previous laboratory studies within the framework of double time
  • -space averaging approach. Measurements of turbulence were obtained in a small river in Illinois, USA, over a fine spatial grid of sampling points above a mobile sabdy bedform and its artificially moulded replica. The results contribute
  • to the understanding of turbulent flow structure over migrating bedforms and the relation of this flow structure to turbulent flow over artificial, non-migrating bedforms.
  • Diurnal and inter-diurnal variations in large-scale atmospheric turbulence over southern Africa
  • An examination of regional, seasonal diurnal and inter-diurnal wind variabilities in southern Africa. Mesoscale effects are dominant over those of synoptic scale in the generation of large scale turbulence in the boundary layer. - (AJC)
  • Rainfall and precipitable water relationships over the Central Interior of South Africa
  • The relationships between atmospheric precipitable water, precipitation efficiency and rainfall over the western Orange Free State are examined and conclusions drawn. - (AJC)
  • Contrasting synoptic weather events over Southern Africa in the dry summer of 1983
  • Short-lived subtropical circulation systems which affected summer convection over the plateau of southern Africa during 1983 are studied. Upper air flow patterns and associated drought patterns are analysed. - (AJC)
  • Thermo-topographically induced winds in the boundary layer over the Etosha Pan
  • Boundary layer winds over the Etosha Pan in Namibia reveal a diurnal oscillation. An analysis of this phenomenon is presented with relation to synoptic forcing and thermo-topographical forcing. - (AJC)
  • Child care demand and labor supply of young mothers over time
  • The paper uses panel data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (United States) to analyze jointly fertility, employment, and child care decisions of young women over time.
  • A note on the inter-annual consistency of atmospheric water vapour content over South Africa
  • Two years'upper air data have been analysed to determine the water vapour content of the atmosphere over South Africa. Certain consistent features are displayed on a harmonic dial. (W. A. Nieman).