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  • Soviet oil exports
  • Qatar. Development of an oil economy.
  • Oils from the wells of China
  • Oil derricks and Corinthian columns : the industrial transformation of the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds
  • Landscape ; Natural gas ; Oil ; Oklahoma ; Semiotics of space ; State ; United States of America
  • A. refutes David Lowental's suggestion that the oil derricks around the State Capitol are an example of American's valuing landscape function over form. He uses archival materials and literary accounts to show how oil drilling came to include
  • the Capitol grounds as Governor Marland, a former oil tycoon, insisted in 1936 that the State exploit the oil in there. After drilling began there, an election was held to include the Capitol grounds in the oil zoning of the Oklahoma City Oil Field. In 1980s
  • the oil wells there began to run dry, but eight are preserved largely as a symbol of the importance of oil and natural gas to Oklahoma. - (SLD)
  • How large is the oil and gas sector of Russia ?
  • Industrial sector ; Methodology ; Natural gas ; Oil ; Oil industry ; Russia
  • Crisis amid plenty revisited : comments on the problematic potential of Russian oil
  • Crisis ; Forecast ; Oil ; Oil company ; Russia ; Scenario
  • Russian oil trader discloses status of oil reserves
  • Energy reserve ; Ex-USSR ; Forecast;Prediction ; Location ; Oil ; Oil industry
  • Plattentektonische Aspekte in der Erdolgeologie. (Aspects of plate tectonics in oil-geology)
  • Analysing the genesis and distribution of oil and gas and their deposits under the aspect of New Global Tectonics, so it is possible to see many new problems, which are necessary to solve by oil-geologists in future. In this case it is a problem
  • for oil-geologists to investigate the influence of geothermic processes on the horizontal movements of separate plates and on the metamorphism of organic matter in oil and gas. (HL).
  • Oil in Trinidad: Some gains and losses
  • The oil palm industry of Malaysia. An economic study
  • The Gulf states and Oman: the impact of oil.
  • Saudi Arabia today. An introduction to the richest oil power.
  • Strategic planning for oil and gas related development
  • Njakoi rezultati ot analiza na dannite za zamarsjavaneto s neft i neftoprodukti v Cerno more. (Some results of the analysis of data on pollution with oil and oil products in the Black sea)
  • Russia's declining oil production : managing price risk and rent addiction
  • Market ; Oil ; Price ; Production ; Risk ; Russia
  • Industrialization ; Landscape ; Oil ; Oil industry ; Pennsylvania ; Rural geography ; United States
  • America's earliest oil discovery dates from 1859 in Titusville, Pennsylvania. The A. reconstructs the early landscape changes wrought by petroleum extraction there. - (DWG)
  • Erdol-Erdgas-Geologie und Plattentektonik. (Oil and gas geology and plate tectonic)
  • Several processes of oil and gas geology are studied in connection with plate-tectonical processes. Thus it becomes clear, that there is a distinct difference between the Paleozoic development of the Europian plate and the Mesozoic development. (HL).
  • The second-tier foreign exchange market as a catalyst to non-oil exports
  • It seems unlikely that non-oil exports can be stimulated, because of the stagnation of the agricultural sector and the high cost of production in the manufacturing sector. Luxury imports should be restricted and indigenous technology developed
  • Perspectives of the potential of Russian oil
  • Energy ; Enterprise ; Foreign investment ; Oil ; Price ; Production ; Russia
  • The World Glory oil spill (1968) revisited
  • Impact ; Indian Ocean ; KwaZulu-Natal ; Marine pollution ; Oil spill ; Pollution ; South Africa
  • The World Glory incident in 1968 created the first documented oil spill in the oceans around South Africa. Prompt action by the authorities, coupled with benign weather conditions, prevented the oil from reaching the shore and a disaster that could