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  • OWENS, P. L.
  • OWENS, S.
  • Relative dating of terraces of the Owens River, northern Owens Valley, California, and correlation with moraines of the Sierra Nevada
  • The purpose of this study was to compare soil and other relative-dating parameters on the Owens River terraces with the same parameters on the nearby moraines of the eastern Sierra Nevada, to attempt to correlate between the two geomorphic systems
  • Captain Owen of the African Survey. The hydrographic surveys of Admiral W. F. W. Owen on the coast of Africa and the Great Lakes of Canada, his fight against the African slave trade, his life in Campobello Island, New Brunswick, 1774-1857.
  • (1774-1857) ; Afrique ; Biographie ; Canada ; Exploration ; Histoire de la géographie ; Hydrographie ; Owen (W. F. W.)
  • Adjustments to calculated Quaternary displacement rates across the Fish Springs Fault, Owens Valley Fault Zone, California
  • Rectifications des données parues dans l'article Late Quaternary vertical displacement rate across the Fish Springs Fault, Owens Valley Fault Zone, California des mêmes auteurs (Quaternary Research 27, 113-129).
  • Glubinnoe stroenie Aravijsko-Indijskogo hrebta i zony razloma Ouen. (Structure profonde de la dorsale arabo-indienne et zones de la faille d'Owen)
  • Dorsale océanique ; Faille transformante ; Fond sous-marin ; Géographie physique ; Géophysique ; Océan Indien ; Owen ; Rift ; Tectonique globale
  • Patenting an arid frontier : use and abuse of the public land laws in Owens Valley, California
  • Cadastre ; California ; Domaine aride ; Etats-Unis ; Exploitation agricole ; Foncier ; Géographie historique ; Mise en valeur ; Owens Valley ; Peuplement ; Politique foncière ; Siècle 19 ; Spéculation foncière
  • Five nineteenth-century policies for alienating the federal public domain only partially fulfilled their objectives when applied in the arid setting of Owens Valley. Public land policies were adequate for settling the well-watered north end
  • Optical depth, size distribution and flux of dust from Owens Lake, California
  • Projects LODE (Lake Owens Dust Experiments) took place on the anthropogenically desertified playa and surrounding regions of Owens Lake, in east-central California. Optical depth measurements were taken and aerosol samples were obtained during dust
  • on the dry bed (playa) of Owens Lake.
  • Late-Glacial and early Holocene vegetation and climate change near Owens Lake, eastern California
  • Pollen and algae from Owens Lake in eastern California provide evidence for a series of climatic oscillations late in the last glaciation. The region's climate was unstable during the Younger Dryas but uncertainties in dating prevent identification
  • of the Younger Dryas interval in the Owens Lake record. Comparison of the Owens Lake record with studies in the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin suggest that the climate was generally wetter between 13,000 and 11,000 cal yr B.P., with warmer summers, although
  • OWENS, P. L.
  • OWENS, S.
  • OWENS, P. L.
  • OWENS, S.
  • Struktury ul'trabazitov Marianskogo zeloba i razloma Ouen (Structures des ultrabasites de la fosse des Mariannes et de la faille d'Owen)
  • Housing market constraints on labour mobility : some comments on Owen and Green
  • Examen du point de vue formulé par Owen et Green (Geoforum, 1989, no 20| BGI, 1989, no 4, réf. 4300) selon lequel la structure du marché du logement en Grande-Bretagne restreint les migrations de travail à longue distance et la mobilité
  • Climatic/hydrologic oscillations since 155,000 yr B.P. at Owens Lake, California, reflected in abundance and stable isotope composition of sediment carbonate
  • Sediment grain size, carbonate content, and stable isotopes in 70-cm-long (1500-yr) channel samples from Owens Lake core OL-92 record many oscillations representing climate change in the eastern Sierra Nevada region since 155,000 yr B.P. Differences
  • Climate variability in East-Central California during the past 1000 years reflected by high-resolution geochemical and isotopic records from Owens Lake sediments
  • The AA. present a 1000-yr record of climatic variability and lake-level fluctuation for Owens Lake on interannual to decadal time scales, using variations in acid-leachable concentrations of Mg and Li and δO 18 values to reflect the lake-level
  • Influence of vegetation cover on sand transport by wind : field studies at Owens Lake, California
  • Field studies conducted at Owens Lake, California, provide direct measurements of sand flux on sand sheets with zero to 20 per cent cover of salt grass. The results are reported here. A general empirical model provide for the relation between sand
  • Alluvial fan and catchment initiation by rock avalanching, Owens Valley, California
  • The North Long John alluvial fan of the Inyo Mountains piedmont, Owens Valley, was catastrophically initiated by a prehistoric (early Holocene?) rock avalanche. The key implication of this study is that not all fans of a particular piedmont
  • Thirty thousand years of vegetation changes in the Alabama Hills, Owens valley, California
  • This paper presents a ca. 31,500-yr record of vegetation changes from the Alabama Hills in the southwestern portion of Owens Valley, Inyo County, California. Plant macrofossils and pollen were analyzed from 12 dated and 1 modern midden from the Two
  • Powell's vision of arid land settlement reexamined : Owens Valley, California
  • A comparison of three central place systems: Guelph, Barrie, and Owen Sound