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  • The Decrease of fertility in Norway: the spread of an innovation
  • National atlas of Norway in Cartography.
  • Radiocarbon datings and glacial striae from the inner part of Boknfkord area, South Norway
  • Multivariate analysis applied to interpretation of geographical characteristics of podzols in southeastern Norway and western Demark
  • Palsstrukturer och palsmorfologi i Nordnorge Palsa structures and palsa morphology in northern Norway
  • Glasiologiske undersokelser i Norge 1976 Glaciological studies in Norway, 1976
  • Bankvesenet i Norge: spredning og konsentrasjon Banks in Norway: the spread and concentration
  • Structural versus regional determinants of interregional differences in export activity: the case of Norway
  • De storre byers nye problemer The new problems of larger towns, in Norway
  • Quaternary erosion in the Sognefjord drainage basin, western Norway
  • Catchment area;Watershed ; Fjord ; Glacial erosion ; Glacial features ; Norway ; Numerical model ; Palaeogeography ; Quaternary
  • The preglacial landscape configuration in the Sognefjord drainage basin of western Norway is reconstructed, and the total Quaternary erosion is quantitatively determined to 7 610 km3 by subtracting the present topography from the reconstructed
  • Norway in Geology of the european countries. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.
  • Subglacial observations from Øksfjordjøkelen, North Norway
  • Glacial erosion ; Glacier ; Glaciology ; Meltwater ; Norway ; Temperature
  • Transporter i Norge 1946-1975 Transport in Norway 1946-1975
  • The report gives a survey of the freight and passenger transportation pattern in the post war period in Norway. (E. Jahn).
  • Norges geografi The geography of Norway
  • The different articles are written by professional geographers, each giving an introduction to his own field. The book covers main themes within the geography of Norway. (E. Jahn).
  • Norway's salmon farming industry
  • Aquaculture ; Fish ; Industry ; Norway
  • The role of imported pulpwood for the influx of exotic plants to Norway
  • Diffusion ; Importation ; International trade ; Norway ; Wood
  • Pleistocene paleosols in Norway : implications for past climate and glacial erosion
  • Geochemistry ; Glacial erosion ; Glacial features ; Magnetic susceptibility ; Norway ; Palaeoclimate ; Palaeogeography ; Palaeosol ; Pleistocene ; Soil properties ; Stratigraphy
  • As recently as 7 years ago Quaternary geologists believed that there were no Pleistocene paleosols represented by non-peaty soil horizons (A, B, etc.) in Norway. However, several buried soils of this type have recently been reported and studied
  • by stratigraphic, magnetic and chemical methods. The presence of these buried Pleistocene paleosols in the interior of Norway (central part of the Fennoscandian glaciations) indicates that glacial erosion was locally less during several glacial cycles than
  • A soil chronosequence from neoglacial moraines in western Norway
  • Chronosequence ; Geochronology ; Glacial features ; Holocene ; Lichenometry ; Moraine ; Norway ; Podsol ; Soil
  • This paper reports on relative and absolute age estimates on a sequence of Holocene moraines on the floor of the Jardalen cirque complex near Sandane, western Norway, based predominantly upon simple and inexpensive field criteria. The available soil
  • development rates for this part of Norway are used to calculate moraine ages and to construct an absolute chronology for the moraine sequence, which is compared to a previously published lichenometric chronology for the same cirque basin.
  • Reindeer grazing impact on Arctic-Alpine landscapes in Western Greenland, and Central and Northern Norway
  • Degradation ; Ecosystem ; Greenland ; Landscape ecology ; Mountain ; Norway ; Polar region ; Reindeer
  • A long-term landscape ecological project in Central Norway offers new material that is used to interpret the grazing impact of reindeers in comparable ecosystems. A gradient was studied from central Norway, where there is no reindeer grazing
  • , to western Greenland with a natural population of reindeers, and finally to northern Norway, where overgrazing already exceeds the carrying capacity. With the help of ecological mapping, especially of vegetation and soils, and measurements of environmental
  • Autogenic and allogenic denudation in carbonate karst by the multiple basin method : an example from Svartisen, north Norway
  • . Results of the model tested in a subartic stripe karst in North Norway and discussion.