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  • On the deep general circulation in the Western North Atlantic
  • Mesozoic complementary crust in the North Atlantic
  • Proterozoic of the North Atlantic in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Linkages between atmospheric circulation, climate and streamflow in the northern North Atlantic : research prospects
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Atmospheric circulation ; Canada ; Climate ; Climate oscillation ; Climatic anomaly ; Iceland ; Model ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Northern Europe ; Ocean atmosphere interaction ; Precipitation ; Stream flow ; United States of America
  • The main focus lies with climatic and hydrologic implications of the major circulation patterns in the northern North Atlantic, namely the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and Arctic Oscillation (AO). The studies reviewed here reveal key
  • relationships between circulation, climate and streamflow across the northern North Atlantic, allowing the construction of a simple conceptual model for this system. To help promote a better understanding of the system, several research gaps are identified
  • Simulations of the response of the ocean waves in the North Atlantic and North Sea to CO2 doubling in the atmosphere
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Climatic warming ; Global change ; Model ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Simulation ; Wind
  • Synchronism of Holocene East Asian monsoon variations and North Atlantic drift-ice tracers
  • Aeolian features ; Atlantic Ocean ; Beijing ; C 14 dating ; China ; Correlation ; Holocene ; Monsoon ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Ocean atmosphere interaction ; Palaeoclimatology ; Palaeosol ; Quaternary
  • . The monsoon variations correlate closely with variations in North Atlantic drift-ice tracers that represent episodic advection of drift ice and cold polar surface water southward and eastward into warmer subpolar water. The correspondence of these records over
  • the full span of Holocene time implies a close relationship between North Atlantic climate and the monsoon climate of central China.
  • Eighteen radiocarbon-dated eolian and paleosol profiles within a 1500-km-long belt along the arid to semi-arid transition zone of north-central China record variations in the extent and strength of the East Asian summer monsoon during the Holocene
  • Basalt magma sources during the opening of the North Atlantic
  • The mantle that supplied basalts to the North Atlantic Tertiary province at the time of continental breakup was isotopically similar to the present-day sub-oceanic mantle. There is no evidence for undepleted source regions beneath the continent
  • The atmospheric energy budgets over North America, the North Atlantic and Europe
  • for the North Atlantic area (in the climatological jet exit), while Europe, not so clearly in a climatological jet entrance or exit, is somewhere between the two extremes. (JPB).
  • Over the North American continent (the climatological jet entrance) there is generation and horizontal flux divergence of kinetic energy and adiabatic heating and divergence of temperature flux in the middle troposphere. The opposite holds
  • Etats-Unis ; Florida ; Littoral ; North Carolina ; Pêcherie ; Toponymie
  • Coastal environment ; Fishery ; Florida ; North Carolina ; Place names ; United States of America
  • L'A. s'élève contre l'usage fréquent aux Etats-Unis des expressions Middle Atlantic Bight et South Atlantic Bight pour désigner la côte des Middle Atlantic States et celle des états du Sud-Est, de la Caroline du Nord à la Floride. Les termes
  • employés conduisent à des aberrations dans les indexations par ordinateur. Il propose de leur subsistuer les formules : Off the Middle Atlantic States et Coastal Waters of the Southern US Atlantic States. - (FC)
  • Recent climate change in the North Atlantic / European sector
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Atmospheric circulation ; Atmospheric pressure ; Climatic variation ; Europe ; Human impact ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Temperature
  • The North Atlantic Oscillation : an enigmatic see-saw
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Atmospheric dynamics ; Climatic variability ; Climatic variation ; Climatic warming ; Economic impact ; Forecast ; Greenhouse effect ; North Atlantic Ocean ; Ocean atmosphere interaction
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Core sampling ; Glaciation ; Isotope analysis ; Meltwater ; North-West Atlantic Ocean ; Oxygen 18 ; Palaeogeography ; Quaternary
  • Two major meltwater events are documented in cores from the NW Labrador Sea. These meltwater events coincide with Heinrich (H) layers 1 and 2 from North Atlantic sediments. The AA. hypothesize that δ18O records from these sites close to the former
  • ice margin should indicate the largest depletion due to meltwater of all North Atlantic sites.
  • Comparison between satellite and ship measurements of sea surface temperature in the north-east Atlantic Ocean in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Mesoscale variability of sea surface temperature in the North Atlantic in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Late Quaternary surface ocean kinematics and climatic change in the high latitude North Atlantic
  • The development of the Archaen gneiss complex of the North Atlantic region in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Alteration, fractional crystallization, partial melting, mantle properties from trae elements in basalts recovered in the North Atlantic
  • Ecology of the benthic communities of the deep North East Atlantic
  • Iceland and the north Atlantic: a review
  • Policy issues of control, dependency and intervention in the North Atlantic fishery