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  • The North American sukhovey
  • Geography of America
  • European settlement and development in North America.
  • Simulation of the climate of 18,000 years BP : results for the North America/North Atlantic/European sector and comparison with the geologic record of North America
  • History of oystering in the United States and Canada, featuring North America's greatest oyster estuaries
  • Canada ; Estuary ; Fishing ; North America ; Oyster breeding ; United States of America
  • L'America anglosassone
  • North America ; Regional geography
  • From Cabot to Cartier : the early exploration of eastern North America, 1497-1543
  • The Americas before and after 1492 : current geographical research
  • Discoveries ; Exploration ; Historic map;Old chart ; North America ; Sixteenth Century ; Traveller's tale
  • Initial European responses to the Columbian discovery included an exploratory process that, in the space of a half-century, delineated the basic geographical features of North America's Atlantic coast. It was conditioned by images of lands
  • North American periglacial geomorphology as a branch of geocryology : a brief history
  • America ; Canada ; Epistemology ; History of sciences ; North America ; Palaeo-environment ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost
  • After a brief review of the disciplinary nature of geocryology and periglacial geomorphology, this paper discusses how and why North American periglacial geomorphology has shifted toward the discipline of geocryology.
  • The atmospheric energy budgets over North America, the North Atlantic and Europe
  • Over the North American continent (the climatological jet entrance) there is generation and horizontal flux divergence of kinetic energy and adiabatic heating and divergence of temperature flux in the middle troposphere. The opposite holds
  • for the North Atlantic area (in the climatological jet exit), while Europe, not so clearly in a climatological jet entrance or exit, is somewhere between the two extremes. (JPB).
  • Macroeconomic determinants of the flow of undocumented aliens in North America
  • Geography of America
  • North America. A geography of Canada and the United States. Sixth edition.
  • Geography of America
  • Crustal faults in North America: a report of the COCORP project in Mountain building processes.
  • Geography of America
  • Climate-permafrost interaction between 18 ka and 8 ka in Northwestern North America
  • Deglaciation ; Glaciation ; North America ; Palaeoclimate ; Permafrost ; Wisconsinan
  • Mapping the French Empire in North America. An interpretive guide to the exhibition mounted at the Newberry Library on the occasion of the seventeenth annual conference of the French colonial historical Society
  • Cartography history ; Map ; North America
  • German geographical research on North America. A bibliography with comments and annotations
  • Bibliography ; Geographic research ; Geography ; German school ; North America ; Research
  • The timing of Late Pleistocene mammalian extinctions in North America
  • More than 375 C dates from 150 fossil sites in North America have been analyzed to evaluate the question of extinction of Late Pleistocene megafauna. When critically evaluated, no C ages for any extinct Pleistocene genera youger than 10,000 yr B.P.
  • Protected areas and the regional planning imperative in North America
  • Ecosystem ; Environmental management ; Land use ; Nature park ; Nature reserve ; North America ; Planning ; Regional development
  • Chronostratigraphy of glaciations and permafrost episodes in the Cordillera of western North America
  • Cenozoic ; Chronostratigraphy ; Climatic variation ; Cold area ; Glaciation ; North America ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost
  • Glaciations in the Cordillera of western North America began during the Late Miocene in the St Elias Range and coastal ranges near Anchorage, Alaska. Radiometric dating of the tephra and lava flows intercalated in the succession of older tills
  • The Finns in North America. Destinations and composition of immigrant societies in North America before World war I