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  • Country carriers in the nineteenth century
  • Wilderness and health in the nineteenth century
  • Peasant migrants in the economic development of Nineteenth Century Japan
  • Mining and hydrological transformations in Upper Silesia from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century
  • Drainage network ; Eighteenth Century ; Fifteenth Century ; Hydrology ; Impact ; Mine ; Mining activity ; Nineteenth Century ; Poland ; Reservoir ; Seventeenth Century ; Silesia ; Sixteenth Century
  • Putting the world into a box : a geography of nineteenth-century travelling landscapes
  • Cognitive space ; Historical geography ; Landscape ; Nineteenth Century ; Spatial representation
  • Local-scale turnpike roads in nineteenth-century Kentucky
  • Historical geography ; Investment ; Kentucky ; Legislation ; Modernization ; Nineteenth Century ; Road ; Transport ; United States of America
  • Sir Robert Kane's land classification maps. A mid-nineteenth century cartographic initiative
  • Cartography ; Historical geography ; Historical mapping ; Ireland ; Land use ; Nineteenth Century ; Soil classification ; Soil map ; Thematic map
  • This paper reviews the mid-nineteenth century land valuation and soils maps promoted by Sir Robert Kane. Compiled by hand in colour on the printed base of Ordnance Survey county index sheets, these maps represent a pioneer initiative in the detailed
  • A state scholarship: the political geography of French international science during the nineteenth century
  • Exploration ; Frenches ; History of geography ; History of sciences ; Internationalization ; Nineteenth Century ; Scientific expedition
  • patronage in the history of other sciences, this essay considers how a powerful, centralized state was able to influence the nature and geographical structure of French international science during the nineteenth century.
  • Corruption, pollution, and the problems of public works provision : the Garrison Creek sewer scandal in late-nineteenth century Toronto
  • Canada ; Collective facilities ; Facilities ; Historical geography ; Nineteenth Century ; Ontario ; Pollution ; Public works ; Toronto ; Viability
  • Author revisits the Garrison Creek sewer scandal to argue that corruption, shoddy workmanship, and patronage deserve to be considered in the history of the city-building process of the North American city during the nineteenth century
  • Coffee in Nicaragua : introduction and expansion in the nineteenth century
  • Agricultural product ; Coffee ; Cultivated plants ; Historical geography ; Nicaragua ; Nineteenth Century
  • Study places Nicaragua in the context of the coffee boom in Central America during the nineteenth century. Transportation and government involvement were the two most important factors affecting the introduction, growth, and expansion of coffee
  • America ; Cartography ; Eighteenth Century ; Fifteenth Century ; History of cartography ; Marine chart ; Nineteenth Century ; Seventeenth Century ; Sixteenth Century
  • Not at our seaside : community opposition to a nineteenth century branch asylum
  • The beginning of the modern geography in Japan. From the mid-nineteenth century to the 1910s
  • Rogues, rascals and rude books : policing the popular book trade in early-nineteenth-century France
  • Fire-Lighting fraternities? The corps de sapeurs-pompiers in Loir-et-Cher during the nineteenth century
  • The use of the word ''Pakihi'' on the South Island West Coast in the nineteenth century
  • The emergence of industrial districts in mid-nineteenth century Baltimore
  • Village and town in mid nineteenth century Ireland
  • Household structure in nineteenth century Auckland