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  • Geological bibliography of the Netherlands and adjacent countries of importance to the geology of the Netherlands
  • The Netherlands
  • Nuclear energy in the Netherlands
  • Late Holocene eolian drift sands in Drenthe (The Netherlands)
  • Drenthe ; Eolian features ; Holocene ; Netherlands (The) ; Palaeogeography ; Quaternary ; Sand ; Wind
  • This thesis presents the results of an investigation of the geomorphology, the origin and the age of the drift sands in Drenthe, a province in the northern part of The Netherlands. - (AGD)
  • Window on the Netherlands. Regional policy in The Netherlands
  • Rural areas in the Netherlands
  • Cognitive space ; Countryside ; Enquiry ; Espace vécu ; Netherlands (The) ; Perception ; Rural area
  • According to the OECD standard, there are no rural areas in the Netherlands. In order to explore how Dutch inhabitants think about rural areas a survey was conducted, focusing on the kind of associations respondents to the survey have with respect
  • to rural areas, and where they think rural areas are located in the Netherlands.
  • The Bos Atlas and geography teaching in the Netherlands
  • Window on The Netherlands : A new physical planning act
  • New firm formation and regional policy in the Netherlands
  • Changing patterns of population growth in the Netherlands
  • Bibliography of selected literature on the Netherlands in foreign languages, 1976-1980
  • The changing institutions of academic human geography in the Netherlands
  • Academic urban geography in the Netherlands
  • A garden in Europe : the case of the Ijsselmeer district of the Netherlands
  • Between tradition and change. Hindustani associations in the Netherlands
  • Acculturation ; Community life ; Cultural studies ; Netherlands (The) ; Social anthropology ; Social integration
  • Hindustanis from Suriname occupy a special place in the Netherlands. In this study the author tries to explain why some associations are more oriented towards acculturation than others. Case studies were performed in four municipalities of different
  • size in the Netherlands. - (AGD)
  • Mapping groundwater quality in the Netherlands
  • Cartography ; Estimation ; Groundwater ; Netherlands (The) ; Observation network ; Pollution ; Water quality
  • The author maps groundwater quality in the Netherlands, using available measurements from the national and provincial monitoring networks. The study shows the effects of monitoring network density and gives possibilities to improve groundwater
  • The Netherlands in Geology of the european countries. Austria, Federal Republic of Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom.
  • Window on the Netherlands. A new urban policy report for the Netherlands in Dutch geography in the 1980s. A selection of contribucions to the I.G.U. 1984.
  • Window on the Netherlands. Immigrants in the Netherlands
  • Initial and subsequent location choices of immigrants to the Netherlands
  • Choice ; Ethnic segregation ; Immigrants ; Location ; Mobility ; Netherlands (The) ; Residential segregation