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  • Increasing variability in California's precipitation
  • The effect of energy price increases on the U.S. livestock sector
  • The great increase in barley growing in Scotland
  • Going for increased volume
  • Recent increase in Chinese urbanization
  • Himalayan deforestation, changing river discharge, and increasing floods : myth or reality
  • Neither precipitation nor discharge data from the Chenub and other headwater streams validates the oft-repeated assertion that flooding on the Gengetic plain has increased (even though flood damage has increased). - (DWG)
  • Increased energy economy and efficiency in the ECE Region| study on measures taken, or which might be taken, to achieve increased economy and efficiency in the extraction, conversion, transport and use of energy in the ECE Region
  • Irrigation and increased precipitation in the Tulare Basin
  • During the past 30 years, precipitation for the month of September has increased in this region of California, which has more than 1,3 million ha of irrigated farmland. - (DWG)
  • Rainfall changes and rainfall erosivity increase in the Algarve (Portugal)
  • There is evidence that, between hydrological years 1931/2 and 1990/1, rainfall changed in the Algarve. There was an annual rainfall increase (+9%) and a (7%) increase in rainfall during the rainy period (October to February). Both trends were
  • statistically confirmed by parametric and nonparamertric procedures. Rainfall erosivity and land degradation are related to rainfall regime. The Algarve's rainfall erosivity increase (+17%) was more pronounced than annual and seasonal rainfall changes.
  • Latest Pleistocene increase in wind intensity recorded in eolian sediments from central Alaska
  • A brief increase in wind intensity between 11,100 and 10,700 yr B.P. is recorded by a sharp increase in sediment grain size at eolian sections along the Nenana River in central Alaska. This occurred at the same time as the Younger Dryas climatic
  • reversal in northern Europe and an increase in the vigor of atmospheric circulation recorded by Greenland ice cores. Climatic fluctuations in high latitude areas during Younger Dryas time may reflect variations in the CO2 content of the atmosphere.
  • Optimization requires equilibrium flow to decrease under mild congestion, but increase under hypercongestion. However, both increasing flow needed under hypercongestion and decreasing flow needed under mild congestion should be accompanied
  • by decreasing density. Thus, inflow of vehicles should always be discouraged to either increase or decrease flow of vehicles for economic efficiency. Moreover, even when optimal policy requires equilibrium flow to increase, the optimal flow itself must decrease
  • eventually as demand increases beyond a critical level.
  • Farmer initiatives in increasing tree cover in central Nepal
  • Increases in tree cover in the Jhiku Khola catchment near Kathmandu are recorded by comparing air photos from 1972 and 1989. This contradicts the generalization of continued deforestation in Nepal.―(DWG)
  • Narastvane na naselenieto na okrâjnite gradove v NR Bâlgariia. (Increase of the population of the district centers in Bulgaria)
  • ) shows least increase, though the population of 3 centers (Vratza, Tolbukhine and Shoumen) is rapidly expanding.
  • The effects of rapid increases in labor supply on service employment in developing countries
  • Effects of a Colombian civil war (1948-1958) on the structure of employment and earnings in Bogota. The resulting increase on labor supply has little effect on the share of services in the labor force. It suggests that the service employment may
  • Global change effects of increased atmospheric dioxyde levels and increased air temperature on grassland ecosystems
  • The AA. discuss changes of precipitation in China due to growing greenhouse gases using GCM model assuming the IPCC Scenario. An increasing greehouse effect will lead to precipitation increases mostly in north of 30°N for winter, and strongly
  • increases along a slant belt from Northeast China to bay of Bangal for summer. The model results are also shown to imply that an increasing greenhouse effect enhances chances of intense storms and drought for winter and summer in China.
  • Increasing contraceptive use in Bangladesh : the role of demand and supply factors
  • Increase in tree cover on private farm land in central Nepal
  • Management strategies for meeting increased enrollments in introductory college geography courses