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  • Active deformation of the continental margin along the Nankai and Suruga Troughs, Southwest Japan
  • Géographie physique ; Japon ; Marge continentale ; Nankai Trough ; Néotectonique ; Profil sismique ; Subduction ; Suruga Trough ; Tectonique ; Tectonique active
  • The remarkable development of tectonic land forms the Nankai and Suruga Troughs indicates that horizontal compressive interactions between the northern part of the Philippine Sea Plate and Southwest Japan have been active and accumulative
  • as tectonic deformations of the continental margin through the Quaternary up to the present. The continental slope facing the Nankai and Suruga Troughs is highly deformed and more active than the oceanic trench itself.
  • Geomorphologic characteristics and origin of the valley bottom troughs at the site of three Gorges Dam
  • This paper describes valley bottom troughs of the Changiang River and infers the geomorphology development of troughs. The deep troughs are formed by river downcutting along the structural zones on the background of regional tectonic uplift. Trough
  • deepening is due to jet currents with pebbles. The trend of the troughs is controlled is controlled by lenghtways fissure structures.
  • Gravity field of Benue Trough, Nigeria
  • Outlet glacier trough size-drainage area relationships, Fiordland, New Zealand
  • This paper reports on an investigation into aspects of the Fiordland block morphogenesis, specifically the relationship between fiord trough size and the area of the catchment supplying the ice to the outlet glacier trough.
  • The trans-Pacific Chinook Trough megatrend
  • By using heretofore unpublished bathymetry and geophysical data, the trend of the Chinook Trough megatrend has been determined from the Juan de Fuca Ridge in the Gulf of Alaska to the Izu-Bonin trench. This study will present the bathymetry
  • On the role of the trough and ridge in the poleward transport of sensible heat
  • The South Mayo trough: a possible Ordovician Gulf of California type marginal basin in the west of Ireland
  • Mesoscale analysis of a polar trough interacting with a polar front
  • The interaction of a polar trough with a polar front can lead to a characteristic satellite cloud pattern commonly referred to as an instant occlusion. The AA. refer to it under the name of pseudo-occlusion. A conceptual model of the pseudo
  • -occlusion is developed in which the key elements are (1) a moist, relatively warm, low-level jet associated with the polar trough, and (2) a major upper-level jet streak associated with the polar front. The polar trough conveyor belt and the polar front
  • Regional-scale troughing over the southwestern United States: temporal climatology, teleconnections, and climatic impact
  • This study provides a detailed climatology of southwestern troughing that focuses on: the temporal frequency of these events; the teleconnective circulation changes that are associated with their development; and the importance of these systems
  • The excavation of the Storglaciären trough during the Quaternary
  • The results from several years of monitoring the suspended-sediment transport in the proglacial Tarfalajåkk Creek are used to calculate the time necessary for the creation of the Storglaciären glacial trough in the Kennekaise massif, northern Sweden.
  • Proximal troughs and ice movements in Gotland, southern Sweden
  • La dépression proximale (proximal trough), une forme d'origine glaciaire ignorée jusqu'à ce jour, est présentée comme un élément déterminant dans l'étude des mouvements de la glace. Analyses de stries, formes orientées, texture, pétrographie des
  • The geomorphology of valley-floor troughs illustrated from depositional sequences in the Durance valley, south-east France
  • with a consideration of the types, origins, and significance of valley-floor troughs. The landform of the Durance trough are then discussed, followed by an outline of methods employed in this study. The discussion considers the results, elaborates on the various
  • Particular attention is paid to the origin and development of the Benue trough.
  • Variations of trough positions and precipitation patterns in the Mediterranean area
  • Permafrost on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska creates unique pond morphologies : deep troughs, shallow low-centred polygons (LCPs) and larger coalescent ponds. By monitoring seasonal trends in pond volume and chemistry, the AA. evaluated whether
  • concentrations and losses. Troughs consistently received solute-rich subsurface inflows, which accounted for 12 to 42 per cent of their volume and may explain higher P in the troughs. Arctic summer temperatures will likely increase in the future, which may
  • accelerate mid-summer desiccation. Given their morphology, troughs may remain wet, become warmer and derive greater nutrient loads from their thawing banks. Overall, seasonal- to decadal-scale warming may increase ecosystem productivity in troughs relative
  • Freshwater lakes existed intermittently in the Salton Trough of southern California during the late Holocene. The lakes formed north of the subaerial Colorado River Delta whenever the Colorado River flowed west into the trough instead of south
  • to the Gulf of California. Water filled the trough to a maximum altitude of 12 m. Stratigraphy, radiocarbon dates, and supplementary evidence document four lacustral intervals of Lake Cahuilla between A.D. 700 and 1580. Archaeological sites are associated
  • In this study, an intertidal bar and trough system on the beach of Noordwijk was monitored over a 15-month period in order to examine the daily to seasonal sequential cross-shore behaviour and to establish which conditions force or interrupt
  • this cyclic bar behaviour. The beach morphology (bars and troughs) was classified from low-tide ARGUS video images based on surface composition. From the classified images, time series of the landward boundary of the bar and the trough were extracted. The time
  • The significance of lineaments mapped from remotely sensed images of the 1: 250 000 Lau Sheet in the Benue trough of Nigeria
  • High latitude intracontinental seaways occupy great troughs carved by broad tongues of inland ice as it debouched to deep marine water. Such troughs occur in glaciated coasts, but not in stable, nonglaciated ones. Where ice flowed across them
  • The influence of intertidal bar-trough morphology on sediment transport on macrotidal beaches, northern France
  • Beach ; Coastal environment ; Coastal geomorphology ; France ; Intertidal bar ; Intertidal zone ; Nord-Pas-de-Calais ; Sand ; Sediment transport ; Trough
  • of sand transport towards the upper beach. Sediment transport appeared to be substantially higher on the bars than within the troughs due to wave breaking processes that are responsible for intense sand remobilization. The comparison of onshore sediment