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  • Near-bottom magnetic anomalies asymmetric spreading, oblique spreading and tectonics of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge near lat. 37N
  • Submarine topography near Showa Station, Antarctica
  • Radiative cooling near the mesopause
  • Near surface ground ice sediments of the Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories, Canada
  • The ice content of near-surface permafrost was determined at more than 70 sites in the Mackenzie Delta. The principal objectives of this paper are : to describe near-surface ground-ice contents for different alluvial terrain types in the Mackenzie
  • Delta; to identify the factors that influence the development of near-surface ground ice; and to examine the influence of ground ice on the flooding hydrology of terrestrial environments in the Mackenzie Delta.
  • Ground ice and soluble cations in near-surface permafrost, Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada
  • The distribution of segregated ice and soluble ions in near-surface permafrost were investigated in hummocky terrain near Inuvik. The purposes of this paper are : to present the profiles of ice content in near-surface permafrost from the site
  • ; to determine the rates of moisture migration into permafrost at the site; to describe the geochemical characteristics of the active layer and near surface permafrost; and to estimate moisture and cation contributions to the base of the active layer during
  • Near-surface wind flow around desert shrubs
  • Wind profiles near the surface were measured at different locations around shrubs at six field sites. Estimates of the magnitude of surface shear stress around shrubs indicate that the presence of shrubs decreases shear stress on the surface
  • Late Pleistocene chronology of loess deposition near Luochuan, China in XIII INQUA Congress issue.
  • Loess near Luochan was sampled for thermoluminescence (TL) dating simultaneously with magnetic susceptibility measurements to provide the first independent age estimates on a susceptibility record from the Loess Plateau of China.
  • Eemian and early Vistulian organic sediments at Zgierz-Rudunki near odz
  • In the corse of drilling in one of the closed depressions near Zgierz-Rudunki, there were encountered peats and organic silts, some 5,30m in thickness. The Samples were elaborated by means of palynological method. The pollen diagram presents
  • Creek morphology in the Sceldtpolders near Zelzate
  • Several creeks with different morphological and landscape characteristics occur in the Sceldtpolders area near the polderlimit between Zelzate and Aardenburg. In this paper diverse fossil creektypes, creeksediments and creekpatterns are discussed
  • Chemistry of precipitation near a limestone building
  • A total of 82 samples of wet and total deposition were sampled near the limestone cathedral at Mechelen, Belgium, which is presently being affected seriously by air pollution, and at a reference site. Most of these samples were analyzed for 10 major
  • and 7 trace ions in solution and for 15 elements in suspension. It appeared that calcite, released from the building, effectively neutralizes the rainwater in the near vicinity and produces high Ca and bicarbonate concentrations. Heavy metal
  • Paleobiogeographic changes at the Pleistocene-Holocene boundary near Pintwater Cave, southern Nevada
  • Linear dunes near the Orange River : origin, mineralogy and climate
  • Stratification of Quaternary depositional layers on the southern bank of the Swartspruit near Hartbeespoort Dam, Transvaal
  • Synergistic use of satellite infrared imagery and high frequency radar near a shelf sea temperature boundary
  • Chemical forms of occurrence of long-lived radionuclides and their alteration in soils near the Chernobyl nuclear power station
  • Periglacial slope deposits in Carlisle's Hoek, near Rhodes, Eastern Cape Province
  • Frost cracks of Saalian age near Lunteren (the Netherlands)
  • Magnetism of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge crest near 37N from FAMOUS and DSDP results: a review
  • Evidence for variability of magmatic processes and upper mantle heterogeneity in the axial region of the mid-atlantic ridge near 22 and 36 N