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  • Auswirkungen der NAFTA auf Handel und Investitionsströme in Mexiko
  • NAFTA. Freihandel in Nordamerika
  • Foreign trade and foreign direct investments into Mexico has increased impressively since the signing of the North American free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). However, this positive trend is not exclusively caused by NAFTA.
  • Freihandel als Chance für den Umweltschutz ? Auswirkungen der NAFTA auf die Umweltsituation in Mexiko
  • NAFTA. Freihandel in Nordamerika
  • Free trade ; Liberalism ; Mexico ; Mexico City ; NAFTA ; Nature conservation ; Pollution
  • This paper takes stock of 15 years of NAFTA's environmental impacts on Mexico. It analyses the role of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation. Furthermore, it discusses NAFTA's environmental effects in the light of physical trade balances
  • . The avalaible data does not generally support the idea that free trade has turned Mexico into a pollution haven. Instead, NAFTA has had negative as well as positive impacts on the environment of Mexico.
  • Auswirkungen der NAFTA auf die Landwirtschaft im Integrationsraum
  • NAFTA. Freihandel in Nordamerika
  • The articles shows that the NAFTA succeeded in the increase of the trade volume. On the other hand the employment development in agriculture however failed its targets. Meanwhile other challenges like rising food prices, migration and changing
  • Neue Immobilienmärkte und -Standorte in Mexiko unter dem Einfluss der NAFTA
  • NAFTA. Freihandel in Nordamerika
  • The paper highlights that the integration into the economy of NAFTA has created the emergence of a new type of real estate market which, although physically located in Mexico, is exposed to cross border flows within the trilateral trade block. New
  • NAFTA. Freihandel in Nordamerika
  • Canada ; Employment ; Joint venture ; Labour ; Manpower ; Mexico ; NAFTA ; North America ; Unemployment ; United States of America
  • NAFTA-induced job losses in the US have been a key argument against NAFTA since the early stages of political debates. This paper recalls the fundamental economic forces that lead to an off-shoring of industrial activities and jobs. On a theoretical
  • NAFTA. Regionalökonomische Auswirkungen der nordamerikanischen Freihandelszone
  • NAFTA. Conséquences économiques et régionales de la zone de libre-échange d'Amérique du Nord
  • Mexico's regional output convergence after NAFTA : a dynamic panel data analysis
  • Etude des convergences dans la production au niveau des 32 Etats du Mexique, période 1993-2006, après le démarrage du NAFTA. Des taux positifs de convergence absolue de la production existent entre les régions du Mexique. Le commerce, les flux de
  • NAFTA. Freihandel in Nordamerika
  • Canada ; Economic integration ; Globalization ; International migration ; Labour migration ; Mexico ; NAFTA ; United States of America
  • Adopting a critical perspective which eschews the temptation to jump to over-hasty conclusions, the paper looks at the contradictory mechanisms underlying regional economic integration and labor mobility in the NAFTA region.
  • The greening of free trade? The debate about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the environment
  • Accord commercial ; Amérique du Nord ; Commerce international ; Développement durable ; Environnement ; Libre-échange ; Mouvement écologiste ; NAFTA ; Relation homme-environnement ; Souveraineté
  • The influence of NAFTA on socio-economic variables for the US-Mexico border region
  • ). Utilisation de techniques de régression pour mesurer l'importance de l'évolution temporelle des trois variables, compte tenu de la dynamique des échanges. Après l'établissement de la NAFTA, les taux de croissance de l'emploi et du revenu par tête se situent
  • The geographical effects of the NAFTA on Canadian provinces
  • Belted by NAFTA ? A look at trade's effect on the US manufacturing belt
  • Until 1988 Monterrey industries were operating on a protected domestic market. The situation changed with the opening up of the Mexican economy in that year and the signing of the NAFTA agreement. The paper analyses this insertion in the world
  • creating a case of glocalisation within the context created by NAFTA.
  • NAFTA and the changing pattern of state exports
  • Modelling the regional impact of continental economic integration : lessons from the European Union for NAFTA
  • Democratisation ; Economic integration ; Economic policy ; Economic reform ; International relations ; Internationalization ; Mexico ; Mexico–USA relations ; NAFTA ; Political geography ; Political party ; Trade agreement ; United States of America
  • the specific way in which Mexico linked with North America worked as a causal mechanism during the country's democratisation. In the end, an inadequate projet of internalisation, spearheaded by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)—failed to fulfil
  • Impact of trade liberalization on the location of firms : NAFTA and the automobile industry
  • to the downward slope of the US descent from hegemony in the world-system and is a manifestation of an increasing protectionism as the NAFTA represents an economic barrier to other core states.
  • L'A. envisage l'intégration à propos, surtout, des régions qui sont nées au cours du XXe siècle depuis la guerre 1939-1945 et présente quelques exemples : l'Union Européenne, MERCOSUR, la Communauté d'Amérique du Sud, NAFTA, CARICOM. - (MZ)