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  • Neotectonic and morphotectonic implications of the Nile Delta basin, Egypt
  • Alluvial cone ; Cenozoic ; Delta ; Differential erosion ; Egypt ; Fault ; Neotectonics ; Nile ; Plate tectonics ; Sea level ; Seismicity ; Tectonics
  • The effect of the Late Cenozoic tectonics (neotectonics) and their associated morphotectonics on the Nile Delta basin since the Late Miocene are discussed. The Nile Delta site seems to be affected by basement-related tectonics as it is located
  • Natural and induced seimicity in the Lake Erie-Lake Ontario region: reactivation of ancient faults with little neotectonic displacement
  • Neotectonics of the Great Lakes area
  • Canada ; Fault ; Geophysics ; Neotectonics ; Ontario ; Seismicity
  • The planation surface of the Yunnan Plateau and its neotectonic significance in Neotectonics and morphotectonics.
  • The sicilian-Maghrebides Tyrrhenian margin : a neotectonic evolutionary model
  • Cenozoic ; Fault ; Geomorphogenesis ; Italy ; Mediterranean Sea ; Model ; Neotectonics ; Regional geology ; Sea floor ; Sedimentary basin ; Shear stress ; Sicilia ; Tyrrhenian Sea
  • structures of the Sicilian Chain. This neotectonic system may be related to a W-E trending simple shear system, which controls the Tyrrhenian Basin development. - (NF)
  • Neotectonics and landform genesis
  • Caves indicating neotectonic activity in Sweden
  • Neotektonski problemi na balgarskija cernomorski self Neotectonic problems of the Bulgarian Black-Sea shelf
  • Neotectonic and geomorphological evolution of Turkey
  • Origin of the quaternary deposits of Nepal and their neotectonic significance
  • The influence of neotectonics upon valley floor development: a case study from the Wieprz Valley, Lublin Upland
  • Neotectonics in the Province of Blekinge
  • The concept of neotectonics. An introduction
  • In this paper the parameters of neotectonic movements regime are considered. As the result the zoning of the Azerbaijan territory on neotectonic intensity is given.
  • Neotectonics of the Polish Carpathians: facts and doubts
  • Relationship between geomorphology, neotectonics and earthquakes in the Danube Plain between Ercsi and Madocsa and on the Danube-Tisza Interfluve
  • Danube ; Geochronology ; Geomorphology ; Hungary ; Lithostratigraphy ; Neotectonics ; Palaeogeography ; Plain ; Seismicity ; Subsidence ; Thematic map
  • Investigations into interrelationships between geomorphology, neotectonics and seismicity in the Danube Plain and in the northern part of the Danube-Tisza Interfluve bear importance due to the socio-economic significance of these landscapes
  • . The results have been represented in thematic maps, where landscape boundaries based on genetic notions coincided with neotectonic fault lines in several places. In order to make geomorphological and tectonic models correct the geological sediments of the high
  • Neotectonically controlled fluvial features, Wałbrzych Upland, Middle Sudeten Mts, southwestern Poland
  • Erosion rate ; Fluvial terrace ; Glacial isostasy ; Longitudinal section ; Neotectonics ; Poland ; Quaternary ; Sudety ; Valley ; Vertical movement
  • Fault ; Fracture ; Geomorphogenesis ; Landslide ; Neotectonics ; Plate tectonics ; Shear stress ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics
  • , their strikes fitting the shear lines of the neotectonic stress field. It is suggested that the local appearance of joints as extension fractures may have nothing to do with their orientation in the large-scale neotectonic stress field.
  • Nature and impact of the neotectonic deformation in the western Sierra Nevada (Spain)
  • Drainage network ; Fault ; Mountain ; Neogene ; Neotectonics ; Pleistocene ; Regional geology ; Sierra Nevada ; Spain ; Vertical movement
  • Upper Miocene reefs in Southern Calabria: new records from the Palmi and Vibo Valentia areas and their paleogeographic and neotectonic importance
  • Calabria ; Carbonate rock ; Coral reef ; Fault ; Italy ; Miocene ; Neotectonics ; Palaeogeography ; Reef ; Seismic method
  • Geomorphological mapping for hazard assessment in a neotectonic terrain
  • Geomorphological map ; Heavy rain ; Landslide ; Mountain ; Natural hazards ; Neotectonics ; Road ; Rockfall ; Seismicity ; Taiwan ; Thematic mapping ; Tropical zone ; Vertical movement