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  • Self-help and mutual aid in deprived urban neighbourhoods : some lessons from Southampton
  • Aide sociale ; Chômage ; England ; Exclusion sociale ; Marginalité ; Participation ; Quartier dégradé ; Royaume-Uni ; Société urbaine ; Southampton
  • Decayed neighbourhood ; England ; Marginality ; Participation ; Social assistance ; Social exclusion ; Southampton ; Unemployment ; United Kingdom ; Urban society
  • Mutuality, de-mutualization and communities : the implications of branch network rationalization in the British building society industry
  • Legislation ; Police ; Public order ; Social geography ; Society
  • The A. seeks to develop two of the central claims of the emerging critical literature on the relationships between law and geography - that the law is an ongoing interpretive construction influenced by extralegal discourses, and that law, society
  • and space are mutually constituted.
  • Transport and geographic organization of society : case study of Czechia
  • This article seeks a solution to the mutual association of transport and the complex hierarchy of selected Czech settlements. Evaluation of 144 centres of micro-regional and separately of 12 centres with meso-regional importance was based on public
  • and automobile transport and complex importance indicators. The mutual closeness of hierarchies according to the various indicators used was evaluated by a correlation analysis, the level of hierarchization is distinguished with help of rang size rule. - (EN)
  • About the mutual determinations between geography and history, regional inequalities, geopolitics. Then it sums up the settlements, their environmental roles, population, past and function, their public life and the quality of their society.
  • Credit ; Debt ; Eastern Africa ; Financing ; Kin network ; Lineage ; Madagascar ; Mutual aid society ; Peasantry ; Repayment ; Rural development ; Savings ; Tradition and modernity
  • Though climate has contributed to the diffusion of the modern human society and culture over the last ten to hundred thousand years, surprisingly little is known about the spatial and temporal pattern of climate development in the context
  • on calculation models of climate. This essay illustrates which methods can be applied and how the mutual relationship of data and models lead to new scientific knowledge. - (IfL)
  • The paper revisits N. Smith's proposition that labour is at the heart of the mutual co-production of nature and society. Surveying Smith's work and others, the AA. argue that there is a danger of losing the embodied, historically and geographically
  • The emergence of a creative knowledge sector is one of the features of both a structural change of the world economy and society as well as the process of advancing metropolitinisation. Metropolitan areas are among those where this sector develops
  • especially dynamically, and is turning into one of the most important markers of their comopetitivness. The identification and mutual independencies between the process of accomodating creative knowledge and a competitivness of metropolitan regions within
  • Carrying capacity ; Environment ; Environmental degradation ; Himalaya ; Mountain ; Nepal ; Security ; Society-environment relationship
  • by Julian Simon) that there are no environmental limits because of unfailing human ingenuity. He suggest rejecting the mutually opposed orthodoxies for socially informed understanding of environmental security that considers types of social solidarity
  • Population processes on both sides of the state border were investigated parallely in order to point out that the problems of a borderline area cannot be studied only from one side of the border. Solutions can only be expected from the mutual
  • interpretation of spatial processes in society active on both sides. - (DLO)
  • This paper argues that in many of the cities of the developing world, in large part due to state incapacity to address local problems, there has been a flourishing of organisations of civil society. These engage in self-help, build social networks
  • and mutual support groups, and create other forms of associational life to meet basic services needs as well as generate economic growth. - (AJC)
  • and scientifically based population policy in the process of further shaping the developed socialist society. Detailed views on the following issues are put forward: content and objectives of socialist population policy| mutual effects of economic growth
  • Proceeding from the perception that demographic process are essentially social processes, which are fashioned and influenced by connections and mutual relationships between economic and social policy, the paper discusses possibilities of a planned
  • , the development of population and of personalities| connexions between demography and socialist mode of living| the influence of socio-political measures and population reproduction and development| aspects of planned influence exerted by socialist society
  • Baltimore ; Citizenship ; Community ; Ethnography ; Maryland ; Privacy ; Queer ; Sexuality ; Social life ; Social network ; United States of America ; Urban society
  • an understanding of intimacy as a transversal sphere of mutual investment in which political and civic practices can be cultivated.
  • Geographical information system ; Humanitarian aid ; Society ; Third World ; War
  • Aide humanitaire ; Déminage ; Guerre ; Société ; Système d'information géographique ; Tiers-Monde
  • of the crisis, GIS technology is perceived as playing a progressive role in demining. The paper examines the plans for implementation and the debates around GIS and society. - (AJC)
  • From winner to loser ? Botswana's society under the impact of aids.
  • AIDS ; Botswana ; Crisis ; Development ; Epidemic ; Health ; Living conditions ; Vulnerability
  • Caucasus ; Chechenia ; Cultural identity ; Ethnic community ; European part of Russia ; Social structure ; Society ; Traditional society ; War
  • L'aide extérieure à la résistance tchétchène: Etats qui apportent leur aide, diaspora tchétchène, participation des volontaires. Identités traditionnelles de la société tchétchène: la montagne, le religieux, le confrérique, le clanique et l'esprit
  • Performing partnership : civil society and the illusions of good governance in Tanzania
  • Aide au développement ; Gouvernance ; Organisation internationale ; Partenariat ; Pauvreté ; Politique économique ; Société civile ; Stratégie de développement ; Tanzanie
  • Development strategy ; Economic aid ; Economic policy ; Governance ; International organization ; Partnership ; Poverty ; Tanzania
  • L’étude des documents sur le développement de la société de l'information en Hongrie à l’aide de l'analyse de contenu
  • Content analysis ; Development strategy ; Hungary ; Information ; Information society ; Regional development ; Technological innovation
  • A. examines the information society and regional development documents, and is looking for the answer to the question whether regional operational programs adopt the objectives of the information society development strategy or not ? To examine
  • Civil society and social capital in the post-socialist Russian North
  • Northern Russia ; Post-communism ; Russia ; Sakha ; Siberia ; Social capital ; Society ; Theory
  • Le cadre conceptuel de la société civile et du capital social. Promesse et problèmes de la théorie de la société civile et du capital social. Aide occidentale et société civile en Russie. Le projet de démocratisation de la municipalité Yakoutsk. le