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  • The mudflows in Xiaojiang basin
  • The number of total times that mudflows burst out in this basin may go up to 1 000 times per year. The mudflows have a high concentration of solid material and their density is almost 2.0 - 2.4 g. cm-2. The average erosion module of the basin
  • Erosion and Mudflows at Usu Volcano after the 1977-1978 eruption: August 1977-December 1979
  • This paper describes the aspects and sequences of erosion and mudflows (rain lahars) at Usu Volcano after the burst of the 1977-1978 eruption, on the basis of field work carried out by the authors from August 1977 to December 1979. An event
  • of destructive mudflows of October 24, 1978, which triggered by a downpour, is also mentioned. (L'A).
  • The formation and characteristics of mudflow and flood in the mountain area of the Dachao River and its prevention