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  • Mudflows' impact on the mountain rivers channel processes is discussed, the processes' features proved to be different within the zones of mudflows formation, transit and deposition| the channel morphology depends on the form of the mudflow deposits
  • . Aftermudflow flood creates a primary channel in the mudflow deposits, later the channel undergoes a slow transformation by the stream which results in suquential changes of channel types according to changes in the stream slope and discharge. No correlation has
  • been found between alluvium size and channel slope in mudflows while the correlation is quite close in the channel transformed by water course. Mudflows account also for the lack of correlation between dimensions of the pavement on one hand
  • The paper discusses the mountain streams channels formation at the Western Tien Shan, differing in mudflow frequency, channel morphology, alluvium composition and biogenous factor contribution to rock particles destruction. Biogenous destruction